Crash chart



You can see that the square that crashed the economy is back at an exact degree as Uranus and Pluto tighten their square to one another at an exact degree almost to the second on December 16, 2014.

I picked up my dream journal a few days ago and read it. There was an entry going back to January where I described a daytime vision: 1/17/2014 – I was driving to the grocery store a few days ago when I heard a voice tell me was going to crash again this time worse than before. I asked how, “how could this be. Everything seems stable.” It told me everything is a house of cards. Technology is going to be one of the things that burst – kind of like the 90s but in a more real and substantial way. I asked, “How is this possible?” The answer I heard was, some news – some public government related info was going to make people freak out about the markets and this panic was going to add to the propped up behemoth waiting to fall.

That is exactly what my journal states verbatim. I completely forgot I wrote this down in fact I forgot about it entirely until the spring when I heard my guide warn me again. This is exactly what happened when the 2008 stock market crash occurred only the voice was more insistent that I take money out of the market because we would loose all our retirement money – not that we have much which was the point. We would have nothing. I blew it off for awhile until It was so overwhelming I just knew I had to get out quick which is when I started this blog to warn other people about what was going to happen. I did this just 3 weeks before it happened. But I knew about it in this nebulous way the first time around for about a couple years before like steam building in a kettle when I was finally certain it was going to happen.

So the feeling is here – not yet to the full kettle but anyone who has all their retirement in the stock market and is not a billionaire should get out now. You have a little bit of time but here’s the thing this square has started getting tight and we are seeing some minor corrections but it will keep tightening and be at it’s closest in mid-December but the date will depend on other factors to light this thing up so there will likely be a series of cliffs before the free fall which will be anywhere from November until January of 2014 – 2015. There are a couple other points in 2015 when the two come together again to almost be exact but this is the closest.

This chart looks like it has more of an international trigger along with war potentially effecting big business – corporate structures, there is also the potential that this next crash will cause riots, uprisings and/or violence.

There is also the potential that this could be the chart of a very big war that inadvertently crashes world economies or causes serious financial ripples as the world economy is disrupted.

Let’s hope it is as minor as possible.

Start meditating now for clarity and put yourself and all good people of the world in a protective white light. Unfortunately the masses generally pay the price for the 1 per cents bad choices so… Send good energy to people of light and those you love – I am.

Blessings to all of you,


Crash chart

13 thoughts on “Crash chart

  1. Marie says:

    wow, I did not like the looks of the chart. yes, it did look really tight to me.. I am thinking it maybe connected to an outbreak of war. I hope things do not escalate into a full blown world war 3….

    Pray for Peace. “just imagine” by John Lennon

      1. Marie says:

        well, it was my first impression, and this particular Terror group Isis is a serious threat. That’s my feeling overall. and Yes, this time, and due to our past interference we are now paying a heavy price.

        The chart just looked eerily tight to me, and I did not like looking at it.

        Isis was one of many Rebels in Syria fighting to overthrow dictator Assad. We picked the least of the worst terror groups among the Taliban and Al Queda and gave them weapons and told them we would help them overthrow President Assad.

        when that backfired, Isis not only expanded into Syria but they are now our enemy. Since they’ve moved onto “Iraq” and my feeling it was a payback to the US/White House adminstration for abandoning them when the US gov’t pulled back.

        These people of the middle east are tribal and are too extreme to be left unchecked. so maybe if they been left alone under the regimes of dictators in Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan, and Egypt.

        I think the chances of another possible world war 3 is not to be underestimated..

        Pray for Peace…

  2. Marie says:

    just wanted to clear up the one last paragraph, that if we had not intervened militarily perhaps we would not be in this deep mess we see today.

    Tribal cultures and communities might be better off under the regimes of dictators to keep them under control?

    it’s a freaking mess..

    1. zoma777 says:

      Agreed we never should have gone into Iraq. The first nor the second time. Now it’s too late. We have no choice – this is no longer a “war of choice.” In my opinion war should never be anything but a defensive move.

      1. Marie says:

        I was thinking along the same thoughts as you Denise. We do not have a choice now, and I had that inkling a year ago, when we came close to bombing Syria… and now with Putin advancing… It’s sure looking to be an outbreak of something big.

        I can’t get that crashed chart out of my head. I Pray for all the people in dangerous war zones. Calling in all archangels Please.

        love, Marie

      2. Marie says:

        About the “Ebola” virus. I am going to say this one time and one time only. I really believe while that is a scary virus to have spread, my feeling is, it’s more hyped up than really is. Yes, it’s a very serious virus, however, again, it’s hyped up by the freaking media. God, sometimes, I wish the media would just shut the hell up.

        It’s all about the money Big Pharma and Gov’t will make on their “Ebola” vaccine

  3. Thomas says:

    Christmas this year keeps coming to me for some reason also.

    This is from page 77, Aug. 6, from my online dream journal:

    “Last night I was dreaming that my family had moved back down to Southern California, and I knew I had to get out of that area before Christmas when the disasters were going to hit.”

    I’ve also had several tsunami dreams in the last few weeks.

    July 19: I was dreaming about blacks rioting, and extremely expensive groceries.

    July 8: I woke up with the name Peter Runskin (Ruskin?), and a Christmas song.

    July 4: Last night I was dreaming about some New Year’s party coming up, and something about natural disasters. There was something about 7 words, or 7 names that I had to translate, or decipher, and I was on this computer that started to have problems and I was unable to shut it down properly.

    June 21: Last night I was dreaming I was traveling through this mountain area with a woman, and these two women stole our backpacks. I told the woman I was traveling with I would find our backpacks, and I tried to follow the two woman thieves. I didn’t catch the women, but I found the shop where they sold our backpacks, and reported it to the police. I woke up with a Christmas song, but I can’t remember it now.

    Jun 13: In my dream journal I was discussing you (Siegel), Bugsy Siegel born Feb. 28, 389 dreams, and “Solomon Magic,” because of a video you posted. The woman reviewing my dreams was a Chicago reporter, and she had interviewed Obama back when he lived there. Her last name is Solomon.

    In my journal (May) I’m finding dreams about coughing, flu, skin pustules, and September. Possibly Ebola will get to the US in September?

    “17” is a big synch with the forum my dream journal is on.

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