Americhrist is now Trees for the Forest and…

If anyone wants to read the book 

Let me know. I am publishing it soon. I’m not sure if I should publish it through Amazon in smaller digestible parts or as one long novel. Either way I will make it available for a short period of time for anyone who is willing to post a review on Amazon. You can leave a post here if your interested or I will soon set up a special e-mail and post it as the day approaches.

Americhrist is now Trees for the Forest and…

11 thoughts on “Americhrist is now Trees for the Forest and…

  1. Thomas says:

    I just skimmed your links about the book, and speaking of WWIII, and Presidents:

    I had a premonition during an election year many years ago. I was curious who would be President during WWIII. In the premonition I saw the President would be a hansom man, and well groomed. I also saw that he would be “manufactured” for the job. I also saw that very few people would have any confidence in the President.

    I saw that everyone would be very surprised at how the President handles the nuclear war, and spears humanity by not launching everything.

    After the war, and the Chinese occupation leaves the West and Midwest, I’ve seen the Pacific Northwest becoming designated a “Native American” territory, and it has something to do with France.

    I haven’t looked closely at your area of the country (Nashville?), but it wouldn’t surprise me that it goes overboard with religion after WWIII, lol.

    I’m not sure what happens to the New England area, but I’ve discussed it with other psychics, and we’ve seen Russian troops pushing down into that area from Canada. The consensus seems to be China invading from the West, and Russia from the North into New England, via Alaska.

    Of course anything can change at anytime, and no premonition is set in stone, because the future is still fluid until it happens.

    I was just discussing with a friend yesterday about leaving this planet for good, and what it takes to finish up our time here.

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