Alien Abduction

The more research I’ve done into the subject the more it dovetails with the Shamanic experiences of old. I won’t go into much personal detail here but I have seen UFOs many times… Infer what you will from that. I don’t talk publicly about it because I’m already pretty far out on a limb being a “psychic” I don’t really need to freak people out anymore than I already do.

Needless to say here’s some interesting video footage I found that’s worth watching. It dovetailed with a lot of my experiences and interestingly had cross-over into the psychic phenomena as well. I really believe whatever this phenomena is, it’s been around forever and what we call aliens now have countless names in our history. This appears to be a modern shamanic path. Perhaps we are able to see the technology as such now that our own understanding of technology has grown. Or maybe our mind is distorting the experience to fit in with our current understanding of the universe. The messages are eerily similar to ancient mystery teachings.

It’s also interesting to note that “orbs” and ghosts are also part of this phenomena. Now that more information is coming out I have to say… YIKES. It’s all very familiar to me for whatever that’s worth. I suspect there are others out there who read this blog who may find this to be their reality as well.




One thought on “Alien Abduction

  1. Thomas says:

    I picked up a new spotting telescope in July, and one of the first things I spotted was a UFO on July 17. It was bright amber and moving like a satellite in the evening sky. I watched it move all the way across the sky and it abruptly slowed down and did a u-turn. After that I lost it behind some trees.

    I could barely make out some other features on the UFO, other than the bright amber light.

    This was the second UFO I’ve seen. The first one was during the day, and it was very bright metallic, and making a wobbling motion.

    I though of your blog because I had a dream about you and your husband last night. In the dream I told you that I had destroyed most of my creative work, and you said it had something to do with my ego.

    I actually did destroy most of my creative work, ranging from photography to music, but mostly paintings. Being psychic, and able to look at the future, I just can’t find a reason for creating works of art.

    What do you get out of it?

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