Isis, not the Goddess, unfortunately

The night after the northern CA earthquake I awoke at 3:00 am from a dream I was in a huge earthquake. It was in Southern CA but when I awoke I figured I was just having the dream due to the earthquake the night before. Strangely my husband was out of town and when he came home he volunteered the same dream at the same time although he was 1500 miles away from me.

Strangely the first word that came to me was: Momito.

I have no idea why. I googled it and found it was a Japanese last name and an animal in a video game? Strange.

Then more information came. Here’s what I wrote down on my iPhone notepad while half-asleep:

Isis stoke with nukes through Eastern European connection someone Syria or Russia they go through Mexican boarder in semis used for trucking thought to be regular trucks at boarder targets are major US cities accessible from there Dallas Houston ? Los Angeles San Diego biggest hits on Los Angeles and Houston

Nuke shipped to panama or other Central American location and then driven up with legit goods.

That is literally taken and pasted from my notepad. Strangely the next day a guy from San Diego died fighting with ISIS.

To make things scarier I had a series of hyper-realistic dreams about a nuke going off in LA back in the 1990s. There were 3 dreams. Everything in these dreams came to pass. For years I was terrified there would be a nuclear attack on LA. I thought perhaps it was a metaphor. There didn’t seem to be any other way to take it…. To be continued in a few…

I’m back. So sorry. I have been trying to find time to post this since it happened.

How could a nuclear attack happen in the US in the late 1980s, very early 90s? Terrorism had yet to happen on our soil. The first Iraq war was years away. We had been in an era of unprecedented peace for nearly 20 years. People in my generation enlisted just to get help with college funding because they didn’t think war was possible. The Cold War was over. What could happen right?

Well a few years later part of this triad of dreams came true. There were riots in Los Angeles in the area identified in one of the dreams. Even foreign people being in my home at the time turned out to happen by strange happenstance. The name of the street I would be working on was mentioned. All about 5 years before  it happened. But the scariest part of the dream – luckily, never came to pass. And over time I just took it to be my mind’s exaggerated freak out over the riots.

Still the dream was so real. So real. I could feel the radiation coming over me in the dream. It was the most vivid and realistic dream I have ever had.

I had long since put it to rest. When we went back to war in Iraq an older friend of mine (and an old friend) said he had been thinking about that dream. It was post 9/11 and he just kept saying he felt like maybe this dream had not yet come to fruition. He was convinced. I wasn’t. I didn’t feel like Los Angeles was going to be hit by anything at that time. I never felt like Al Queda was interested in Los Angeles in any real way. All the psychic info I got about them was centered in major (real) cities, New York, Washington D.C. Maybe an attempt on Chicago that would fail. Nothing for LA until now.

I am genuinely worried – terrified for Los Angeles. Again the info I got was about those 4 targets. I pray this is averted. I am posting this with the hope that someone will read this and act on this and stop this from happening.



(when pasting the info from my iPhone into this post I couldn’t figure out what stoke was that I wrote down. I think it is meant to be the word strike.)


Isis, not the Goddess, unfortunately

11 thoughts on “Isis, not the Goddess, unfortunately

  1. Graham Ennis says:

    I’m getting that it is an overlap. Two separate but related incidents. The nuke strike is a real possibility. But ISIS is not what it seems. it is a front for something more powerful.

  2. Thomas says:

    There’s a “Momito Island” near Puerto Rico.

    I keep dreaming about volcanic activity in Southern California.

    Possibly Momito is related to earthquakes and volcanoes?

    Disasters in Southern California is a time indicator in my premonitions for a nuke to be used by terrorists in the Southwest (timeline).

    Right after 9/11 (I was suppose to be in Manhattan, but went to Mexico instead) I had a premonition about Phoenix Arizona being destroyed (nuked). I did future viewing on the event and saw Islamic terrorists involved, but unlike all the other psychics who have seen Phoenix nuked, I looked further into the intent behind the event, and saw that China supplies the Islamic terrorists with equipment.

    I’ve known of quite a few people who have left the Phoenix area because of premonition.

    I only warned two people about 9/11, and I wasn’t going to say anything about Phoenix, until I read this post by this young girl who was freaking out about her parents not listening to her about her premonitions, and getting the heck out of Phoenix.

    Because of past life issues, I have this thing about young women facing troubling events.

    Possibly we choose our lives to experience soul developing events, but I have to wonder about the people who see the future, and make choices concerning soul development.

    I had the strangest dream last night about an alternate life in a parallel universe, or possibly an alternate life to this one if small changes were made.

  3. Thomas says:

    I just noticed I got the name of the island wrong, it’s Monito Island, but there is a “King Momito” effigy burning on the islands of Aruba and San Nicolas, to mark the end of the carnival season.

    King Momito, or King Momo is the “King of the carnival.”

    The “burning of the king” is an interesting synchronicity, or in other words, Bye Bye Miss American Pie, the end of the ruling empire.

  4. Thomas says:

    9/23 kept coming to me over the last few years, and that ended up being the date that the U.S. started bombing Syria.

    It might have also had something to do with the Dallas man with Ebola, but he arrived in the U.S. on 9/20.

    A couple of weeks before the Israel/Lebanon war in 2006 I had a vision of a very evil warmonger, like an antichrist type person. It also came to me that Syria would be bombed.

    I’m now wondering if the bombing of Syria will give this antichrist type person more political clout somehow, so he begins to rise to power.

  5. Simon R. Gladdish says:

    Dear Denise

    Like a lot of people I am very concerned about ISIS taking over northern Syria and Iraq. Many of them seem to be from France and Algeria. Astrologically speaking, are there any grounds for optimism?

    Best wishes from Simon

  6. Thomas says:

    Here’s another synch with King Momito, the Dallas man with Ebola is named Thomas Eric Duncan, or Twin, King, Brown Warrior.

    The burning of King Momito is a synch with Ebola, because they cremate the bodies of the dead.

    The author that reviews my dreams on her forum, the one that interviewed Obama years ago, had a dream about a king the other night.

    I’m guessing patient zero has something to do with a time line of events.

  7. sue says:

    Dreams are very helpful. I have had dreams from a fairly young age about a period where the world is in complete chaos. I hope it doesn’t come to pass also. Your web site is very interesting.

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