An astrology post! Fancy that!

I’m sure you’ve all noticed the very hard divisions going on in the world right now. Everything seems to be fractured in very dramatic chariscuso.  Right and left, black and white – there is a preponderance toward extremism and absoluteness whether that is manifesting as the Jhiadists, the extreme right or left or even in the once airy fairy New Age.  Everyone is very sure of himself or herself even when it comes to the great mysteries of life.  This hardening of thought has been obvious here as we have seen a division unparalleled in American politics since the civil war.


Besides the aggressive placement of Uranus in Aries (revolution, rebellion, organizations, wishes + war, action, aggression, infancy, self, ego) we can see why their is a rush to war everywhere. This is an age of wars, rebellions, insurgencies, revolution – mostly violent. Here in the US it is expressed as verbal lashing – that often feels as if it could turn violent.

Anyone who has been alive for more than a couple decades will have perceived this extreme schism. But there is another disturbing element that I hadn’t quite pinpointed until I was doing a bunch if research. Many of you have asked or told me about other psychics, websites, etc. I hadn’t been paying attention to these sources. But because I was researching the abduction phenomena I did quite a lot of watching various people lecture about the phenomena. What I found to be the most startling thing was the certainty everyone had. The first time I encountered it, I wrote it off as an individual who was making the very mysterious and paranormal into a concrete paradigm for his own psychological benefit but after seeing dozens of these lectures I realized this is an across the board phenomena.

How could anyone be absolutely certain about something so complicated and neptunian?

Truth is they can’t.

20 years ago if someone spoke absolutely about a paranormal event it would be a sure sign to me (and most people) of their insanity, however I didn’t find myself feeling that way. It was somehow comforting and at the same time it hit me as being fundamentally untrue. While watching each of these lectures I wanted this person or that person to be absolutely right. But when it was over I knew it was a strange alluring delusion. I asked myself what this was all about and realized something essential – Neptune is in Pisces and Pluto is in Capricorn.

Neptune bringer of dreams and delusions, confusion, glamor, psychic phenomena, everything paranormal – Neptune dissolves our boundaries, dissolves our inhibitions, dissolves our sense of reality allows us to peer through the veil.  The whole world is in a drunken, confused state of beliefs, delusions and visions and Pluto in Capricorn wants to make it physical, real, ground it in a structure. This square between Pluto in Capricorn and Uranus in Aries is violently awakening people while Pluto is concurrently transforming our institutions, how we see the physical world and how we interact with our careers. All the while Neptune is awakening our need for faith – dissolving everything we thought we knew and bringing awareness to the paranormal, psychic, astral, spiritual realms.

Now more than ever we want solid answers. We want faith with teeth and punch. We desire simple fundamental truths of hyper complexities. We want a firmly delineated world. But this too shall pass. We will evolve as we always do. Hopefully in the next phase we will be able to incorporate more subtlety and become comfortable with mystery.

An astrology post! Fancy that!

Amazing life after death documentary

About 6 months before hurricane Katrina my husband and I took a trip to New Orleans based on my fear that it was going to be hit by a hurricane and might not be there. I had spent the year freaking out about it and he (knowing me for as long as he has) decided he wanted to get a last look at the place. A lot of weird stuff happened there – paranormal – I’ll tell some of that later but the point here was we took a haunted tour and I got a lot of crazy pictures that were taken in total darkness. I’ll look for them and post them when I so. They were similar or some of the evidence in this film.

Amazing life after death documentary