Jeb Bush

The first and most obvious republican candidate I looked at was Jeb Bush. His chart was so off for a win I just threw it away as a possible anything for 2016. The only reason I could even see propelling his interest was nothing. He had no propelling movement from the outer planets something needed to move a person up a notch in life. Certainly needed to fulfill the biggest job in the world. I wondered if maybe his number came up and Ma Bush tapped him and said, “it’s time, dear, you’re up.” And he, like the dutiful Bush boy responded, “If I have to.”

“Well, it’s 8 years. It’s time for the family to take back their rightful kingship. Your turn son.”

And Jeb nodded and put his hat in the ring half heartedly. Here’s his chart with the Election Day overlay.


Jeb Bush

3 thoughts on “Jeb Bush

  1. Marie says:

    Denise, I think you’ve hit it on the nail with Jebby. His persona is flat, dull, and he is barely fired up. However, odd it seems now, I can’t see Randy gaining steam when he appears to be heading for a burnout, and long before 2016 lol

  2. Marie says:

    I am laughing now. With Donald Trump leading the GOP field, Iam hoping he will survive the next 18 months, and pit up against Hillary. I still think it will be Jeb Bush to float back up and be the one to oppose Hillary though.

    With the Trump in the mix, it makes the election year(s) less painful. it’s hilarious to watch him step all over his useless friends.


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