In a race between Bernie and Trump – who wins?



The short story Bernie.

It all comes down to Pluto. While both of them have tremendous energy moving them along from the stars. Trump has negative aspects from his Pluto to the day of the election. Neptune inconjunts almost to the exact degree his natal Pluto. Bernie also has his to a lesser degree however Bernie has transiting Pluto training his victorious sun while Trump has another negative aspect an inconjuntion from transiting Pluto to his native sun.

This being said, the race will be surprising perhaps shocking as it will seem like Trump has it wrapped up with a positive natal Uranus transiting his Sun and making it seem like – he, the outsider, will most likely win. But what will seem like a squeaker with Sanders as the unlikely victor will turn unexpectedly to Bernie’s favor – Feel the Bern, indeed!

As we get closer I’ll look at other possible scenarios. If anyone has a hunch about who the contenders will be post it and we’ll play it out. I did Bernie and Trump because they are the current front runners.

Blessings to all!

In a race between Bernie and Trump – who wins?

Winner of the contest!

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“Science and religion at odds once again, but I never tire of it.

The plot is smooth and the characters are interesting enough, but by far the strength of this book is its originality. We see Native American spiritualism, bio-engineered lifeforms large enough to shelter an entire community, and a strong female cast.

The portrayal of Christians in this work might be off-putting, but is central to the major themes.

It missed five stars due to the odd ever-shifting point-of-view (first-person at times, third-person at times, all within the same chapter), which sometimes broke the immersion for me.

But the story is solid. I recommend this to any sci-fi lover.”

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Winner of the contest!