In a race between Bernie and Trump – who wins?



The short story Bernie.

It all comes down to Pluto. While both of them have tremendous energy moving them along from the stars. Trump has negative aspects from his Pluto to the day of the election. Neptune inconjunts almost to the exact degree his natal Pluto. Bernie also has his to a lesser degree however Bernie has transiting Pluto training his victorious sun while Trump has another negative aspect an inconjuntion from transiting Pluto to his native sun.

This being said, the race will be surprising perhaps shocking as it will seem like Trump has it wrapped up with a positive natal Uranus transiting his Sun and making it seem like – he, the outsider, will most likely win. But what will seem like a squeaker with Sanders as the unlikely victor will turn unexpectedly to Bernie’s favor – Feel the Bern, indeed!

As we get closer I’ll look at other possible scenarios. If anyone has a hunch about who the contenders will be post it and we’ll play it out. I did Bernie and Trump because they are the current front runners.

Blessings to all!

In a race between Bernie and Trump – who wins?

23 thoughts on “In a race between Bernie and Trump – who wins?

  1. Thomas says:

    The more physical distractions a person has, the less power they have in this reality to manifest meaningful changes for all souls, not just human.

    That being said, I see a lot Hilary Clinton’s energy in the future.

    Not to insult dogs, but I see most leaders as having the power of a dog tied to a post.

  2. Thomas says:

    P.S. I’m glad to see you posting again Denise. I was afraid the move changed something conceding creativity in your Astrocartography.

  3. What is meant by “physical distractions”? Hillary has a ton of negative distractions going on — physical or otherwise. Mostly political. Let’s face it ….. if she was to become President — and especially if she is made the Democratic nominee despite the fact that Bernie Sanders won the popular vote in the Primaries — then she won’t have the moral support of the people. That means if she’s up against opposition in Congress ….. she’s going to have a really rough row to hoe and whereas Barack Obama has been able to achieve SOME things despite all the obstructionism in Congress …… Hillary will be treated with the utmost disrespect and won’t ever be able to get ANYTHING done. Ever.

      1. Marie says:

        no body has won the popular vote yet. we still have a year to go, and a lot can change Phoebe. Hillary won’t have a rough hoe as you put it, if she were to have super majority.

        if Jebby or other republican wins the White House, he will also need a super majority. same thing.

        Remember Ronald Reagan would have done more to cut out programs, but because he did NOT have a super majority, and Thank God it was a democratic majority in both houses.

        that actually helped Reagan keep his damn hands off of the popular social programs that he would have loved to cut out.

        1. You are completely wrong about Bernie Sanders not wanting the to win the Presidency. Absolutely wrong about that. The only thing that you and I agree on is that we both do not like or trust Debbie Wassermann Schultz …. as well as the fact that the two Parties will choose their candidates for the general election based on whom they want to be the 2016 candidates ….. and will REFER to them as being [quote] “the most electable” as their justification for interfering with the democratic process of having as their candidates the ones whom THE PEOPLE elected thru the popular vote. Calling it “due process” and accepting it that rather than calling it what it REALLY is — an interference of the truly DEMOCRATIC process — is exactly what the corrupt two-Party system and the illuminati WANTS the SHEEPLE to go along with unquestionably. Anyone who passively goes along with such as that ….. are, themselves, a part of the problem. The candidates — and eventually the President — SHOULD be whomever the majority of the PEOPLE elect by popular vote. Simple as that!

          1. If you comment and then don’t want to fully clarify what you mean because you don’t want to engage in a debate about it — then please refrain from making any comments to my own to begin with. As for Clinton putting anyone in their “place” ….. she actually comes from a very dark place herself and should NOT be made the Democratic candidate for the general election just because she is a close friend of DWS who wants to shunt Bernie Sanders aside. If he wins the popular vote ….. then a true democratic process would refrain from using tactics to bypass him to ensure that Queen Hillary is the anointed one. If the Dems want to ensure a Republican President in 2017 ….. then do that. I can assure you that the majority of Sanders’ supporters will be so furious over that ….. they will refrain from voting in November 2016. No amount of preaching or attempts at shaming or even fear-mongering will manipulate the majority of them into voting on election day. It won’t happen. If Denise has the time to do so ….. Analyze Hillary Clinton’s chart for election day 2016. Then analyze Bernie Sanders’ chart for that day. Perhaps also the chart of Joe Biden ….. because there is still quite a window of time left for him to announce. For good measure, also do Jeb Bush’s and Donald Trump’s. Ben Carson and Carly Fiorina will not be the GOP’s candidate. It will be either Trump or Bush. On the Dem’s side ….. it will be one of the three obvious ones: Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton or Joe Biden. So the most favorable aspects of the charts of those five candidates — Trump, Bush, Sanders, Clinton, Biden — on election day in November 2016 will pin down who our next President will most likely be.

    1. Thomas says:

      Physical trappings, or things that distract a person’s focus and energy. True powerhouse people are like yogis and shaman, but with even less physical trappings.

      Focus and intent play a big part, but people that are actually connected to nontraditional souls have the most power over this reality, which can also be found in animals, such as a whale communicating with the soulful intent behind the weather, or topography.

      Few people are aware of such things because of being wrapped in being human, along with all the human egotistical trappings, although many Native Americans are aware.

      I’m sure this is all probably falling on deaf ears.

      1. No ….. It’s not falling on “deaf ears” …… and I don’t appreciate your inconsiderate remark insinuating that it does. That said ….. this discussion thread started out with Denise having analyzed and compared the interesting charts of the two Party’s current frontrunners and which of those two charts are more favorable to win — and by how much — over the other. She did this in 2012 between Obama and Romney ….. even providing some astrological character aspects of Romney ….. and it came out to be right on the mark. It turned out as she predicted. And that sort of thing is what I continue to be interested in. Not some sort of cheering squad for Hillary Clinton …. and assumptions about what Bernie Sanders’ intent is for being in the race. Staying strictly on topic here ….. it appears that Denise could accurately tell us (by analyzing their charts) whose astrological aspects on election day in 2016 is most favorable to win. That’s not to suggest who “deserves” to win or who is the most “qualified” for the Presidency. That’s a completely different topic. What I’m interested in on this board is whose astrological aspects are the most favorable on election day in 2016. And I narrowed the list of names to those candidates who have the best “staying” power. Obviously ….. those are Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton on the Democrat side — and Donald Trump and Jeb Bush on the Republican side. Jeb Bush is obviously polling low right now ….. but given the fact that he has “staying power” via his campaign’s big financial “war chest” along with his family’s political dynasty ….. I include him as someone to watch and to analyze. I also include Joe Biden because the rumor is that Biden will probably participate in the first televised Democratic debate. Which is virtually unheard of for someone who hasn’t formally announced. If Biden DOES choose to participate in that debate ….. then it’s reasonable to assume that he *will* be a candidate. So his polling numbers are already very good — especially for someone who hasn’t even announced yet. Even though Sanders has the least known name recognition of Clinton, Biden, Trump and Bush ….. I’m very interested to know how his astrological aspects shapes up against theirs on election day in 2016. This will be interesting.

  4. Do the charts of Hillary and Bernie at the Democratic National convention. See who gets the most votes of the states’ “super delegates” ….. despite which one of them won the popular votes. At the end of the day …. the Party’s nominee for the general election will be decided by the “super delegates”. That’s how the Party ensures they get who they want ….. and DNC Chairperson Debbie Wassermann Schultz plays a pivotal role in all this. The chairperson of any Party is actually like a dictator …. they really are. DWS has admitted that she alone decided that there would be only 6 Democratic Primary debates …. despite the fact that others on the DNC board wanted more. So her BFF, Hillary Clinton, has basically already been deemed to be the Democratic candidate. And in that same manner ….. it’s highly unlikely that RNC Chairman Reince Priebus is going to allow Trump to be the Republican candidate. Priebus is all in for Jeb Bush. Therefore the two dynasty candidates of Clinton and Bush will most likely be the 2016 general election candidates. Next year’s elections will be a rude awakening for the voters in this country that have been acting under the delusion that we live in a democracy ….. and they’re going to truly find out in 2016 that we don’t. And as a result ….. there are going to be a LOT of very ANGRY and disillusioned people out there. If we think that we’re cynical and jaded NOW ….. we ain’t seen NUTHIN’ yet!

    1. Marie says:

      I agree with the due process for both parties. my husband and I were talking about this exactly, and they will pick whom they want or rather who is thee most electable. It won’t be Trump, and with Sanders (see where he is in 6 months) he will most likely give Hillary his delegates. I don’t think Sanders is seriously wanting the White House, and that he’s all about stirring up the left revolution. I love Sanders, but I don’t see him or Trump winning The White House. BTW, I really do not like Debbie Wassermann Schultz. Her and Chuck Schumer are DINOS

  5. Marie says:

    Denise – I am a bit confused with your charts on Bernie Sanders. A few years ago, you were certain it was going to be Hillary Clinton as Potus, but now you’re saying that it will be Bernie to win the primary?

    of course that means Bernie won’t win the General and a Republican would win the General election.

    someone else on this thread commented a few years ago, that it would be Jeb Bush to win over Hillary. now it’s Bernie that will win..

    when someone hates a certain person, it’s hard to be clear and objective.

    You did say, that Jeb Bush would not stand a chance against Hillary? I went back and re-read your postings, and I have to admit; changing it around now, is causing me to think twice on these astro charts. I admit, there are too many possibilities with who could win.

    whatever happened to Rand Paul?

    Jeb Bush is barely noticeable. I still think Bernie will fizzle out. He does not have the charisma. Trump is not going to get that far. They’ll sell him out first and Bernie would most likely hand over his delegates to Hillary.

      1. I do feel she will still win as well. just to clarify? I was not pointing to anyone person when I said it’s hard to be objective when one is reading a personality if you dislike that person. just saying that applies to me as well. I can’t stand Jeb Bush or anyone in the Bush family. can’t see it with Bernie Sanders as Potus. and yet, as strange as this sounds… I love the guy, and I’m very grateful for stirring up the pot. he said it himself… he is focusing on stirring up a ‘revolution’. Jeb Bush does not really want to be POTUS. I think it’s because of his wife who is dead set against it.

      2. Marie says:

        I apologize for the name confusion with my reply under the name Mable. please disregard that, it has been corrected.

        I do feel she will still win as well. just to clarify? I was not pointing to anyone person when I said it’s hard to be objective when one is reading a personality if you dislike that person. just saying that applies to me as well. I can’t stand Jeb Bush or anyone in the Bush family. can’t see it with Bernie Sanders as Potus. and yet, as strange as this sounds… I love the guy, and I’m very grateful for stirring up the pot. he said it himself… he is focusing on stirring up a ‘revolution’. Jeb Bush does not really want to be POTUS. I think it’s because of his wife who is dead set against it.

    1. zoma777 says:

      The thing is Hillary has very luke warm aspects on Election Day. So if she gets the nomination…. It’s an if. I’ll have to look at whe the democratic nominee is picked to clarify this.

      Bernie does have tremendous aspects on Election Day as surprising as that may seem.

  6. Nancy Brekke says:

    Hi Denise, who wins if the candidates areJeb Bush vs. Bernie Sanders? Or Jeb Bush vs. Hillary? Thanks!

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