E-mails just another go at Hillary

Wow, I’ve been watching the hearings all day. The Republicans are burying themselves and showing what fools and idiots they are. Hello nail in the coffin to the party of douchery. Not only is this a sad political display and show of how little they know about how government actually works they are showing themselves for the sad misogynistic morons they. They have not only wasted tax payer money for their witch hunt, they are giving the election to Hillary. She is clearly 100 times smarter than all of them put together.

Frankly they gave her a huge gift. They have shown their hand so blatantly not only directly from Kevin McCarthy, they have given us a painful play by play of their dirty tactics. If only they really did give a shit about the American people and not their own political careers. Where were these a-holes after the worst terrorist attack on American soil. Oh, yeah they were busy excusing heir commander in chief. Funny how Bush wasn’t held responsible for being on vacation when the Intel about the attack clearly landed on his desk but she’s being asked to take responsibility for what other people have said, think and wrote.


E-mails just another go at Hillary

One thought on “E-mails just another go at Hillary

  1. Marie says:

    I agree the GOP have handed Hillary a big GIFT and gave themselves a black eye. The Republican party just does not get it. They have an IQ of 40 and really DO belong in a elementary playground. I predict this party will slowly disappear and become a party of nothing. in 20 yrs there will be a new 2 party system… The Democrats and the Socialists.

    I love it…

    have a wonderful day everyone…


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