3 thoughts on “I guess we should look at Ben Carson

  1. Thomas says:

    Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard for President.

    After she called the US effort to oust Assad “Illegal,” and accused the CIA of backing terrorists, she will likely die under suspicious circumstances.

  2. Marie says:

    I’m starting to think that Jeb Bush is never going to make it back on top. I don’t think he ever had a chance. what is really scary, is how the people support Donald Trump by 30% of the republican party. when the rest of them drop out, Trump’s number will only grow.

    it’s so sad that the republican party have lost their way by enabling the extremists.

    this will only give Hillary a wider lead and certainly a boost of donors and supporters. in time, the people will see that Hillary is the best choice to lead this country.

    I heard that she’ll pick for the VP slot, would be Julian Castro . He was a mayor of San Antonio, Texas which is a liberal city along with Austin.

    Jebby will refuse to quit, and because he has so much money, he’ll probably continue all the way to the primaries. I am having a hard time seeing him get back on top.. or even near the top.

    people are counting on Trump’s time to run out and will implode by the end of year. we shall see. It’d be good to have him run as an independent.

    on another topic with psychic predictions, and especially with this election cycle. I’ve noticed how the most confident are not so confident with predicting who will win. but rather, it’s a wait and see… and too much focus on the “what if’s”.

    I’ve read all of Denise’s predictions that go all the way back to year 2008. Her impeccable record speaks for itself. I’d say she’s close to 100% accurate.

    Blessed be,


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