Bernie vs Hillary

I decided to look at one other factor Uranus. I hadn’t utilized it because it generally doesn’t come into play but this election cycle is so strange and the desire by the people to find leadership that actually represents them is so strong I decided to take Uranus into account. And the person with the best aspects from natal to transit chart on Election Day is Bernie. Hands down. The fact that he isn’t using the structure of the plutocracy to win makes Uranus – the planet of the people the most important thing in his chart on that day. Uranus also rules surprises. So fingers crossed – if the people rise up and say no to the current corporate plutocracy – Bernie will win. And if he does it will be a huge victory for Democracy and the beginning of the unraveling of the plutocracy. If we choose to stay on our current course of the rich controlling our government than he doesn’t have a real chance. Let’s hope our fellow Americans are waking up to the fact that our system of government was hijacked by the rich and powerful decades ago.