Bernie vs Hillary

I decided to look at one other factor Uranus. I hadn’t utilized it because it generally doesn’t come into play but this election cycle is so strange and the desire by the people to find leadership that actually represents them is so strong I decided to take Uranus into account. And the person with the best aspects from natal to transit chart on Election Day is Bernie. Hands down. The fact that he isn’t using the structure of the plutocracy to win makes Uranus – the planet of the people the most important thing in his chart on that day. Uranus also rules surprises. So fingers crossed – if the people rise up and say no to the current corporate plutocracy – Bernie will win. And if he does it will be a huge victory for Democracy and the beginning of the unraveling of the plutocracy. If we choose to stay on our current course of the rich controlling our government than he doesn’t have a real chance. Let’s hope our fellow Americans are waking up to the fact that our system of government was hijacked by the rich and powerful decades ago.


12 thoughts on “Bernie vs Hillary

  1. Marie says:

    The planet “Uranus” is not a positive planet. This planet is of shock value, and while it’s a surprise, it’s not a nice surprise. It represents the unexpected, shocking news, and unexpected in a way you would not expect.

    you feel that Bernie will not only win against Hillary, and the Democratic nomination? but you say he will win the General election? and win against a “Republican” ?

    Trump will not make it to the General election, so who will Bernie run against in the General? according the genius Nate Silver who accurately predicated U.S. elections since 2008. says it will be Hillary. he not even psychic, just uses a specific math formula, and according to him, Hillary will win and the Democrats stand a good chance of winning the Senate back.

    Unfortunately, The house of Congress is so heavily gerrymandered by the Republican party, the dems don’t stand a chance to win Congress back.

    so… if Bernie wins the General and he is the next POTUS, will he get anything done? will he be able to unite both parties?

    I think you know as well as I do, that Bernie would not and could not get much done. especially where it comes to breaking up the banks, and reducing wall street. His bold socialist agenda will not happen. that is wishful thinking…

    remember, and unless all three branches of U.S. gov’t are aligned with the democratic party, we don’t stand a chance of moving this country forward, and specifically on a socialists agenda.

    I think you’re second guessing yourself, and overreaching a bit, especially on the planet Uranus. but then again, I am not an astrology expert.

    I’ve studied the planet’s energies, so I am aware that Uranus is not Jupiter, or Pluto for luck and power.

    Please read the links on Nate Silver’s election predictions (next post)

    1. since 08? so two elections? lol.
      The university of illinois has been predicting the presidential winner for 50 years and called it Sanders back in 2015 before the race even got heated. Kansas has determined the dem. nominee since 1975 and Kansas went to Sanders.
      On that last eclipse, Sanders “eclipsed” hillary in the primaries that happened that day. Eclipses are known to have long lasting effects.
      David Cochrane, one of the most well respected interpreters of the heavens alive today, predicted Sanders would win the nom using vibrational astrology techniques as well. The astrology clearly showed him winning by a small margin.

      And your admonition that uranus is not a positive planet is the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard an astrologer say. The planets are not positive or negative. they can manifest in both ways. I LOVE uranus transits. I LOVE change and I love feeling electric. Uranus transits never fail to bring me wonderful epiphanies and bring new, exciting experiences into my life.

      1. Marie says:

        Sanders is still losing. The math does not add up for Sanders. sorry, but I’ll go with scientific data on this one. not psychics or astrologers that do not always come true. sometimes they’re wrong, and the best are about 50% accurate. extremely rare to be 100% accurate. give it a rest.

  2. Marie says:

    according to Nate Silver, Bernie Sanders does not have a strong coalition or institutional support. as for Trump or Cruz, neither one have a strong following.

    The media is intentionally omitting the real poll numbers. Please read why that is. it’s a different era now, and polling the numbers accurately has become much harder due to cell phones, and the internet.

    With so much publications, and coming from so many sources, it’s no surprise that you’re seeing some out there predictions. like Obama will be the last President?

  3. Thomas says:


    To fully understand the chances of a person getting what they desire you also have to look at their “bi-wheel synastry chart.” Doing a synastry chart on Nancy and Ronald Reagan would teach you quite a bit.

    When one of my friends was getting together with this woman she did synastry astrology on their relationship, which showed their careers in the psychic field taking off to the stars. He’s now booked solid making outrageous sums, and she’s doing pretty well herself.

    Bill and Hillary’s synastry would be interesting to look at, although it makes you wonder about who benefits the most, how close the couple has to be, and if their waning relationship lessons their synastry astrology.

    I met some people, and lived with their daughter, who were in college the same time as Bill and Hillary. From what I heard they were very close when young, plus they partied hard using every drug under the sun. The brain damage from heavy drug use shows more in Bill than Hillary. Growing up as a surfer in Southern California we called people who’s brains were damaged from acid “Permels,” or basically permanently mellow, much like Bill Clinton. Considering what I saw for Bill and Hillary’s future deaths, I don’t believe their decision making processes are very good for anyone, especially for themselves, although nothing in the future is written in stone, and what I saw is from an old reading.

    I know my future is going to change considerably with synastry astrology, and I’m not sure how I feel about it yet.

  4. Have you noticed – you go out to lunch with some friends from work – one person is the chatterbox and can talk, talk, talk, another is reserved and doesn’t talk much. Or turn on the TV and you are watching a talk show and the guest is just super bubbly, or you’re watching a drama and an actor just stands out – they have charisma oozing out of them where you just want to reach out and touch them. This is all the magic of numbers at play – the more I observe the more I realize that the world operates in a very mathematical manner – there is very little randomness. People who are great talkers usually are born on a 3 day (eg January 3, feb 3, March 12 etc or 6 days). People who are more quiet generally have their birthdays on a 10 or 11 day. Folks who just ooze tons and tons of sex appear are generally vibrating to a number 5 – eg. they tend to be born on a 5 or a 23 day . Even families tend to follow a certain mathematical formula where babies are born on certain days – for example I have a friend whose husband is born on March 17, son is August 17 and daughter was born on October 17 and they live in a house that adds up to an 8!! None of this was planned!! And the more I observed I noticed that the pattern with the numbers is everywhere – at work, in families, business. Now look at our presidential candidates – Donald Trump is on a 5 vibration (born on a 14 day) and love him or hate him, he has the charisma of that 5 number. Put him with any of the other candidates – Hilary or even Bernie – he will be the one that’ll have that spark and the one that people will notice the most. I just wanted to throw my observations out there as numbers are magical, precise and makes me wonder who is setting up this beautiful logic in our universe.

  5. Rose says:

    For those missing Denise’s regular posts, I urge you to get her book, “Trees For The Forest”—it’s a wonderful read, filled with the kind of brilliant insights, compassion for humanity, wry observations and future predictions that she is known and loved for in her blog, and now wrapped around a very well-told story that plays out like a big-screen movie (hint, hint, Hollywood).

  6. Rose says:

    After reading “Trees For the Forest” compulsively, I didn’t want it to end. Just finished it today. Wow, you are a brilliant writer, with vision and heart.

  7. Simon R, Gladdish says:

    Dear Denise

    There is no longer any real doubt that Hillary will win the next presidential election as I have been predicting for ages. She won the nomination because it was a complete stitch-up from day one. Now all she has to do is get past that poor fellow suffering from Narcissistic Personality Disorder, (Donald, I think he’s called) and she will be free to wreak havoc from the White House for the next four years!

    Best wishes from Simon

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