Clarification about the 2016 election

Just want to make all those pulling their hair out and freaking out about Trump. Just know his chart super sucks. He’s got far too many inconjunctions with Pluto to win the presidency. So no matter who you put up against him either Hillary or Bernie. Probably even o’malley although I haven’t even made a chart for him. The point here is to allow Trump to chill you to the bones so you go out and vote but don’t give yourself an ulcer over it. It’s going to be ok!


2 thoughts on “Clarification about the 2016 election

  1. Marie says:

    Radical Left is just as bad as Radical Right. according to this article, Radical right stands a greater chance of winning the election. I don’t agree with the author on this, but it’s telling to understand that voters want a President to be in the middle. it’s a compromise and history has shown that to be true.

    all Bernie does now is ramble. his rhertoric revolves around wall street and big banks. he will need congress to help him achieve his bold agenda. I would think that voters see this as a huge obstacle to overcome.

    Barack Obama was the same way… his agenda was bold, and he actually believed that the Republicans would work with him. Obama admitted that he was naive when he first took the White House. he learned and learned the hard way, that the Republicans would not and could not work with a democratic POTUS.

    it’s all about austerity for the Republican party.

    it will be the same story with Hillary or Bernie. But Hillary is the stronger one, and the one that can put a nasty Republican in their corner. she can be a sledgehammer, and knows how to deal with the hostility.

    Bernie needs to come clean in regards to his NRA gun rights. He’s not exactly telling the truth when it comes to his stand on NRA gun rights.

    lately, Bernie has been coming off as a Rambling jackass.

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