Bernie predictions via the tarot

So I decided to ask the cards if Bernie Sanders would be the democratic nominee…. The answer a very clear yes.

Here are the cards. The middle card counts as 2 points all other cards count as one – upright is yes – upside a vote for no. Interestingly the queen of cups represent a Scorpio woman – Hillary is a Scorpio. Bernie is going to get an outpouring of cash from supporters.

So will Beenie win the general election?

Well according to the cards this is still to be written.

The blank card at the outside shows an event that will occur before the election that is not expected – out of the blue – unknown and unknowable. The score comes up even – maybe yes – maybe no. 

Since 2012 and the start of the new era the future is not set very far in advance like it used to be so as we get closer and we have an idea who will be the republican nominee. I will readress this as we get closer and get an answer a little later.

I just want to say I love both Bernie and Hillary and would be happy either way. However I do feel that Bernie is a bigger victory for real change the kind this country needs. And because of that I am feeling the Bern.