OK, so what if the rules have changed?

I started thinking about this weird phenomena I’ve heard first hand of people deciding whether they would vote for Trump or Sanders. So what do these political opposites have in common – revolution. Pluto has ruled elections for as long as I have been looking into them (20 years but I suspect more like since the 80s) but this election is looking more like it is about Uranus and with that being said both Bernie and Donald have incredible Uranian transits and unfortunately Donald has Uranus very prominently and postively incorporated into his chart. I will have to dissect this in more depth. 


4 thoughts on “OK, so what if the rules have changed?

  1. PK says:

    Do you see Donald Trump getting in the upcoming state primaries more than the 30-35% of total votes which he has got so far in 3 states? The remaining 65-70% of Republican voters seem to be looking for an alternative to Trump. If more candidates drop out and their voters consolidate under a non-Trump candidate he will no longer be the leader in the polls or the winner in the primaries. Of course, this is a delegates counting game in which Trump is leading right now but one of the remaining candidates could catch up to him in the next couple of states.

  2. Marie says:

    I started thinking about this last night on Donald Trump. So far Denise, he is winning the Republican primaries, which means he will be the nominee for the Republican party. scary thought.

    when you mentioned before that Donald had too many negative planets for him to be nominated, I thought last night, so what? Remember Adolf Hitler was the leader of Germany and spoke negatively. It took years for people to realize he was evil.


  3. Thomas says:

    Clinton and Trump are way ahead with delegates. Considering the Republicans seem to like paid professional actors, such as Reagan and Schwarzenegger, a reality show actor should do them fine.

    Obama’s comedy acting skills are superb. Between Two Ferns was hilarious, and I saw him do some excellent comic routines on late night television. His wife’s acting skills are in par with Reagan, Schwarzenegger, and Trump.

    Clinton’s acting skills are just oaky, but to be a President today you have to go on comedy shows to demonstrate acting skills.

    I always find it interesting when politicians show up on televisions shows, blurring the lines between make-believe and politics.

    1. Marie says:

      I agree, Obama is not too bad with acting, and he’s also has a good voice. I’m going to miss him.

      My husband and I were talking about the upcoming Republican convention. What happens when 3 candidates are competing for the delegate votes. So far, Donald Trump has held his lead and is far ahead by double digits than Rubio or Cruz.

      Speed forward… August 2016 The Republican convention have three candidates with Donald Trump in the lead with 50%, Rubio 25%, Cruz 25%.

      You must win at least 51% to win the delegates. which means if Trump falls below 51%, the Republican leaders can and will elect whom they feel is the most electable and by that, I mean who can handily beat Hillary. They’re not worried at all on Sanders.

      The delegate at the convention is the one who casts the first vote, and that first vote has to go to Trump in order for him to win the nomination.

      I think it’s gonna get real ugly with the Republicans.

      the Republican voters are so angry with their Politicians, that they’re sending a message loud and clear. They want an outsider… and it’s Donald Trump, not Rubio, or Cruz


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