The Election 

I went to a Hillary Clinton rally yesterday here in Nashville. 

 She convinced me she was basically a conservative republican of the pre-Reagan era. Her basic message was you people need to be realistic, you’ve got it good. People around the world envy us Americans. I’ve been all over the world and can tell you this is patently untrue. America hasn’t been the envy of the world since the last century. Perhaps in some developing countries but come on, try going to Europe and see what they think of America there. No one in the developed world envies us – they’ve been pitying us since the Bush debacle of 2000.

Her answer to helping kids going to college was she would let them refinance their loans at competitive rates. Really? That’s her radical plan to help with student debt? She said, “I don’t want to pay for Donald Trump’s youngest child to go to college.” Seriously how f-ing disingenuous can you be? Like Trump’s kids would go to a public college – last I checked Harvard and Wharton were private institutions. Public colleges should be free or close to it. She talked about how she and Bill worked to pay for their law school. But what she failed to mention was her generation had next to free public education and pre-Reagan they were able to erase their student debt by going bankrupt. She thought 20 years was a reasonable amount of time for people to be saddled with student debt. She actually said that. I couldn’t believe it. College is now the new high school and basically the unwashed masses could just live most of their lives in debt just to get into, or stay in the middle class – this seemed perfectly reasonable to her. She may as well have said, “Let them eat cake.” Her message was “No you can’t,” and “Here’s a little crumb for you average people.” Her whole vibe was disgustingly entitled. I actually liked her before the rally, but I can tell you she is all about money, power and status. 

Her vibe was like a rich lady socialite who helps out at the soup kitchen because that’s how she’d been raised, to be kind to the less fortunate – which means us the dumb lowly unwashed American masses.
I SUPPORT BERNIE 10000000000000000000 % 


4 thoughts on “The Election 

  1. BuddhaDreamer says:

    From where I am, over in Europe, I am watching with fascinated horror the unfolding vast drama of current American events. It’s as if two big disaster movies had become entwined. let’s say, “The Fall of the Roman Empire” mixed up with “Sinking of the Titanic”. Really. That big. It has everything: Mad, wannabe Roman Emperors, (Trump) Weak, passing from power, Roman Emperor Obama, and the icebergthat loometh. (Terminal wars that will bring the Empire down). Ya could’na make it up!. We watch it on our screens over here in the European Union, and we shudder, and pray that once more, we are not going to be dragged into another American war “Against Terror”. We also look at the condition of America, the huge rage that seems to be building, on both the left, and the right, the curious re-emergence of the left there, because of the various crisis, and the hugely tragic figure of Senator Bernie, who is trying to save the American Empire from Collapse. It almost has the grandeur of a Wagnerian Opera. God Help America. We think it can only end in huge social rage and disorder, eventually, and serious social conflict, almost insurrection. The situation will be far worse than during the Vietnam war, which horrified so many Americans. Trump, and his fascist supporters, and the hate media and talk jocks, are frightening to watch. It looks like a straight fight now, between good and evil, with Clinton the compromised candidate in the middle, who will result in a Trump victory, or worse. God save America. It will need it.

    1. zoma777 says:

      You are so very right in your assessment. If we don’t make serious change peacefully it will become violent. And yes, the Empire is on the verge of collapse. We are in fact just 10 years away from the return of where Pluto was during the American Revolution.

  2. cman says:

    The Clintons and the Bushes are two sides of the same globalist coin. They care nothing about America and the people here, ,just their handlers’ plans. If you want to see the very dark side of these families, along with other influential, well-known politicians, entertainers, movers and shakers, there are free pdf of 2 books by women that endured the unspeakable but named names. Brice Taylor, “Thanks for the Memories” and Cathy O’Brien, “Trance-formation of America”. Truly chilling.

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