One thought on “Winona LaDuke

  1. The magic of numbers
    Have you noticed – you go out to lunch with some friends from work – one person is the chatterbox and can talk, talk, talk, another is reserved and doesn’t talk much. Or turn on the TV and you are watching a talk show and the guest is just super bubbly, or you’re watching a drama and an actor just stands out – they have charisma oozing out of them where you just want to reach out and touch them. This is all the magic of numbers at play – the more I observe the more I realize that the world operates in a very mathematical manner – there is very little randomness. People who are great talkers usually are born on a 3 day (eg January 3, feb 3, March 12 etc or 6 days). People who are more quiet generally have their birthdays on a 10 or 11 day. Folks who just ooze tons and tons of sex appear are generally vibrating to a number 5 – eg. they tend to be born on a 5 or a 23 day . Even families tend to follow a certain mathematical formula where babies are born on certain days – for example I have a friend whose husband is born on March 8, son is August 17 and daughter was born on October 17 and they live in a house that adds up to an 8!! None of this was planned!! And the more I observed I noticed that the pattern with the numbers is everywhere – at work, in families, business. In my own life, as I started taking note I realized that we can use the numbers to our advantage – especially if you see a pattern of “bad luck” where situations that should work out just don’t – you keep missing out on a promotion/raise, your businesses either keep failing or never reach their full potential – the numbers aren’t the cure all – and I will also say that astrology will precede numerology (meaning that what is in your astrological chart based on your time of birth is going to be the determining factor of your life’s pattern – but, numerology can help mitigate or enhance depending on the situation where you can find some level of normalcy in an otherwise uncontrollable world). So how does all this play out in the current election – all I’ll say is that based on numerology it looks like we’ll have a Democratic president. Just a few more months left now to see how this is all going to play out. Lets see.

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