Marco Rubio? Could he become the Republican nominee?

All the positive Pluto aspects from transiting Pluto to Rubio’s chart show that the powers that be will support him on Election Day but this is also true of Cruz (earlier post about this.) I still haven’t bothered looking at Kasich. I think the Republican establishment will block Trump’s nomination and give the party leadership to him. In a general election against Hillary it would be a tough fight between the two of them. I predict Trump will throw himself into the ring as an independent and if Bernie did the same, well it would be a Uranus against Pluto fight. If Bernie did that all bets are off on who would win. If it’s a contest between Rubio and Clinton – Rubio’s chances are slightly better than Clinton’s. If you throw Trump as a third party and he can keep the uraniun energy going – he could still win against both of them. Only Bernie could save us if this happened.