Why Uranus could be more important than Pluto in this coming election…

The rise of polarization between red and blue teams. The red team tearing itself apart with the Trump handgranade thrown into the mix and the blues torn between the glory of past power (Pluto – keep in mind Hillary is also a Scorpio, Pluto is her ruler) and the invocation of a people’s revolution through Bernie. It’s been a very fluid and difficult race to figure out as the old staple of power represented by Pluto has waned in the collective consciousness. It was very easy to tell who would win past elections for just looking at the Pluto aspects on Election Day. But interestingly to note that shortly before the rise of Barrack Obama in 2006 Pluto was downgraded to a planetoid. At first I wasn’t sure how much if any this would effect astrology but it seems to have profoundly effected our collective consciousness. 

In 1930 Pluto was discovered and so was the idea of weaponizing Einsteins E=MC2, culminating in the use of nuclear weapons against Japan and the build up of nuclear weapons. Granted North Korea is still trying to play that game but in general there has been a move away from nuclear weapons and technologies in lue of “clean” and “new” technologies – Uranian solutions coming forward. 

If one wants to understand the energy of a planet, astrologers look to history, and what was going on in the world when that planet was discovered, as I illustrated in the above paragraph about Pluto. Well, when Uranus was discovered revolutions rolled around the world like dominos. First the Americans, then the French and eventually the rest of Europe including the Russian revolution. Granted Uranus has a long cycle and the Russian revolution came later but the discovery of Uranus unleashed the psychic energy of change, upheaval, revolution and once it was done the world was remade.  

Then Pluto came along and it not only brought us nuclear weapons, it also correlated with the rise of dictatorships, mass genocide, the holocoast, power and death on a massive scale, psychopaths whose lust for death and power were coalesced as one super Plutonian mess. Uranus however is disruptive, and will push for change, technology and the uniting of humanity, radicalism, altruism, humanitarianism. As you can see by that list Uranus is polarizing. It pushes both sides to extremes, which creates clarity and action as a result.

This election year is shaping up to show the rising power of Uranus and the diminishing of the established power of Pluto. If we don’t take this tap on the collective shoulder as a hint, the next level of it will be harsher. So indulge your higher idealism and act on it now or it could get violent. Change is needed. The status quo is coming to an end. For those of us old enough to have lost faith in this – remember that 40, 50, 60 or 70 years of our lives is but a blink in the eyes of history and nothing stays the same forever. The winds of change (that so many felt the birth of as Uranus and Pluto United briefly in the 1960s) are here. A new century, the real dawning of the age of Aquarius – it’s ruler is said Uranus. This will be a long cycle of rapid technological growth and world unity with or without our permission, if we can embrace this with grace and a readiness for the shifting earth beneath our feet we will stand to come through this with more unity and less radicalism. But of course, this is a collective human matrix we live in and all we can really control here is our small piece of the grid.


One thought on “  Why Uranus could be more important than Pluto in this coming election…

  1. Thomas says:

    Speaking of planets, gravity is a very interesting subject, being science is completely clueless as to what gravity actually is, although they do study it’s effects, like the new discovery of gravitational waves, theorized by Einstein.

    The fascinating thing about gravity is a planet on the other side of the universe is exerting a gravitational pull on Earth, albeit very slight.

    Without gravity everything would fly apart, there would be no structure, no matter, yet any explanation for what gravity actually is, is like explaining love, we know it’s effects, but what is it really?

    I can’t help but wonder if the patterns seen by Astrologers are somehow related to the unexplainable forces of attraction.

    All matter does have a unique energy signature of it’s own, from a human body to a planet, and when bodies interact they effect each other’s energy. Proximity or focus of energy brings about an energy change, or shift. So masses of people focusing their energy on a new planet, such as Pluto, would bring about changes, because of energy influences/connections via consciousnesses/awarenesses.

    It’s the same way with a celebrity/politician. Get enough people to focus their energy on a single person and the group’s energy will shift, or resonate (slightly) with said celebrity/politician, or be repulsed if there is a conflict of energy, such as being in the presence of Hillary Clinton.

    When you get a politician with a very strong planetary spotlight influence, then you have someone that can effect masses of people, but in turn, the politician is also effected by all the focused attention.

    I wonder if mass plays into the equation, the mass of a planet verse the mass of a human. It would seem to me it would be difficult to change the energy of a planet, verses how easy it is to change/shift the energy of a person (to heal them, or change their life path).

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