Uranus cycle – 84 years – resonance with the 1930s

A caveat about Uranus. It has a cycle of 84 years so we are in resonance with events of the early 30s, to be exact 1932. What happened during this period? The rise of authoritarianism, totalitarianism, dictators. Let’s not forget that these authoritarians didn’t come to power through military coops – these scary authoritarians such as Hitler and Mussolini were elected officials. However on the otherwise of Uranus – here in America we had FDR.

We are currently witnessing these two energies replay themselves in the corporatist, authoritarian alpha male Donald Trump – leading one side of this schism. And the hopeful, we can come make it better side of the messages of Bernie Sanders and to a lesser degree Hillary Clinton. The New Deal that FDR offered up is being echoed in Sanders. Hillary has plainly told us, everything is basically OK – not much to see here let’s move the dot up the number line.  

But everything is not fine. We are in a power vacuum. People are scared, lost, overworked, humiliated, being poisoned by their water and the rest of their environment. The strong man (or woman) is a comfort to the masses in times like these – post depression, war rumbling, uncertain future.  

We want someone to take care of us.  

So did the Germans and the Italians. Let’s not repeat their mistake. Let’s repeat our glorious history when we picked compassion and coming together as a country, let’s go the way of empathy and togetherness – I beg this country to lean left – as hard left as we can.  

It is our only hope. 


4 thoughts on “Uranus cycle – 84 years – resonance with the 1930s

  1. Thomas says:

    I always think it’s interesting to see what popular words or popular names political personalities resonate with.

    Jewish Gematria:

    Trump = 470
    Tsunami = 470

    Clinton = 262
    Titanic = 262

    Sanders = 310 (Double political match!)
    Sarah Palin = 310
    (Bernie Sanders (451) matches Ron Paul, Hugh Grant, Dennis Hopper)

    Cruz = 783 (nothing very popular matches this name)
    Invalid = 783

    Rubio = 341
    Cougar = 341 (Donald Trump matches Mountain Lion) (Donald/Lion)

  2. Thomas says:

    Being you brought up Hitler and cycles, let’s look see:

    Adolf = 81
    Gold = 81
    Chicago = 81

    Hitler = 222
    Armageddon = 222

    Adolf Hitler = 303
    Pentagon = 303
    Afghanistan = 303

    Being the Pentagon attacked Afghanistan 2001, this might be the start date of WWIII, AKA Armageddon, and Chicago and Gold might play into into the mix somehow.

  3. independentthinker says:

    Yesssss, totalitarianism led by the left. You can’t see it, can you? Liberalism, well I should say the progressives (not all liberals are progressives) suffer from a terrible mental illness that is slowly destroying this country. The right has its problems, for sure. As an independent, I see both parties very clearly and the progressive bent of your posts are disturbing. Seriously, to actually think that voters who support Sanders, an avowed socialist/communist with how voters must have felt like voting for Kennedy? Have u lost ur mind? Or just forgot that Kennedy was assassinated by Oswald, another avowed Socialist/Communist. And please do not twist my words by suggesting I am accusing BS of being a murderer. I am simply trying to point out to you how seriously ridiculous your
    comparison was. Furthermore , I am convinced that because civics is no longer part of the curriculum in our public schools that we have an entire generation who does
    not understand how our gov’t works, they can not even begin to comprehend the diff between a democracy, a republic, socialism, communism, Marxism, or a totalitarian gov’t ( obama’s ignoring the constitution , because he doesn’t like it is leading us towards that type of government)

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