For all you fine Hillary supporters…

I happened upon the page on the coast to coast website hat encapsulates my prediction. I did predict Hillary would run in 2016 and win.

Here’s the copy. All I remembered was talking about global warming/climate change and George Noory getting annoyed at me. There was 3 psychics who gave predictions on that show. Below is the copy from their site in italics. I highlighted my section in bold.

This special program featured three psychics, each appearing in separate hours. Intuitive Coach Jerry Hoskey discussed his predictions for earthquakes and solar flares, as well as how our physical fitness is related to our energetic and psychic fitness. Psychic astrologer Denise Siegel shared her insights into the upcoming election, the economy, and civil unrest in America. Psychic medium Matt Fraser talked about how intuition is a key factor in unlocking your own psychic ability, and contacting departed loved ones.

“I think it’s likely that, within the next 24 months, we could possibly get a huge earthquake,” Hoskey warned during his 2nd hour appearance, suggesting that the tremor could range from “over 7” on the Richter scale and may even reach “10 plus.” He was specifically concerned about California or Seattle and that the quake could agitate smaller fault lines which are not currently considered dangerous. According to Hoskey, the earthquake may be the result of the increase in solar activity which is acting as a furnace on the Earth’s magma. On the connection between dieting and intuition, Hoskey contended that “diets inherently don’t work,” because humans, as animals, are hardwired to eat as much as possible.

Recalling her days as a professional astrologer, Siegel observed that, “people would often argue with me because I would be telling them things that hadn’t happened yet.” Later, she said, they’d contact her with positive feedback and had been converted from “skeptics into believers.” Regarding the 2012 presidential election, she predicted that Obama would defeat Romney and that there would be “a lot of unseating of the Republicans” in November. Siegel also lamented that she is having feelings that there will be civil unrest around the election, possibly in Pennsylvania, due to voter suppression. Additionally, she foresees Hilary Clinton not only running for president in 2016, but also winning the election that year.

A multigenerational psychic medium, Fraser shared his insights on intuition as well as the ‘other side,’ during his 4th hour appearance. “Intuition is the building block for your psychic ability,” he mused, noting that everyone uses it, whether they believe in it or not. To that end, Fraser advised that recognition of intuition is the first step in harnessing the ability. Beyond that, he suggested asking small questions as a way of calling upon intuition and to make note of the feeling which follows. While Fraser said that he does not usually receive world predictions from the ‘other side,’ he did reveal that he has recently been told that the upcoming winter will be particularly harsh for the East Coast.

Solar Storms

In the first hour, engineer and author Mat Stein discussed solar flares, EMPs, and the plausibility of the new TV show Revolution. Based on his research, “extreme geomagnetic storms” appear to hit the Earth every 75 to 90 years and that the planet is overdue for the next blast. “It could be anywhere from the end of the world as we know it,” he said, “to the end of human life and mammalian life on the planet.” On that note, he was deeply worried about the fate of the planet’s nuclear power plants, which are ill equiped for long term power outages. Stein decried the lack of preparation for a solar storm by the American government and power industry, which has the means to safeguard against such an event, but refuses to spend the money on the necessary technology.

So as you can see this was way back in 2012


22 thoughts on “For all you fine Hillary supporters…

  1. Marie says:

    This is getting confusing. are you backtracking by saying Hillary will win instead of your vision you recently claimed Bernie would win the Presidency along with Elizabeth Warren besides him as his VP.

    why are you changing your mind now?

    1. zoma777 says:

      I am just being transparent. I predicted she would run and at that time I felt she would win. Honestly it’s not a normal election cycle and it feels like we are still writing this script. The Uranian energy is hardcore – Trump has terrible Pluto aspects that show him being separated from his money and power yet that hasn’t happened yet and he’s making everyone nervous with his oligarchic demogagory so… What can I say. I really want Bernie to win but I also like Hillary and frankly both Trump and Cruz are really scary.

      1. Marie says:

        I do recall that you said some years back that you said Hillary would be the next POTUS. so, I was a bit thrown for a loop when you posted a few weeks ago, that you felt Sanders would win.

        I could see you were enamored with Sanders, and I apologized for being so harsh and I hurt your feelings in regards to my strong opinions.

        so, as you can guess, I was confused when you declared your loyalty for Sanders. and only because of your Hillary prediction…

        anyways, I appreciate your transparency, and well, I am very happy Hillary had a good week.

        we have a long way to go, and yes, Trump and Cruz are scary.


      2. Marie says:

        There is this nagging feeling in regards to the GOP convention in July. I still don’t feel Trump will win the nominee. remember, the delegate voter has to cast his first vote for Trump. Trump needs 50% plus 1% to win the GOP nomination.

        With Rubio out of the playing field, it’s left with Trump, Kasich and Cruz. it’s possible they’ll pick Kasich over Cruz and Trump. remember they can’t stand Cruz, and I don’t think he’ll have enough delegate votes to stay in the playing field.

        Recently you heard Mitt Romney filed to run as a candidate even though
        he is not campaigning this time around. He’ll be there at the convention casting his delegate vote and quite possible the delegates will draft Mitt.

        The other possibility, would be Paul Ryan, House Speaker…

        you might want to look into Kasich or even Romney charts to see if they will get their 15 mins of fame by running against the democratic nominee


        1. zoma777 says:

          I agree with your assessment. It’s not going to be Trump. I don’t think it will be Cruz either. I will look at other possibilities. I didn’t know that Mitt had cast his hat into the pile. I wonder about Rand Paul. I had looked at his chart a while back and it had a lot of energy in it this fall. Ahh… What a mess!

          1. PK says:

            Zoma/Denise, please look at the charts of possible Republican nominees at both the time of the Republican convention and on November 8th. Please remember that Rand Paul is running for the Senate in November. I don’t get the feeling either that Trump or Cruz is going to be the President or the Republican nominee and this will possibly severely rip the Republican party apart: I wonder if it will take years for them to rebuild their party. You see Trump losing power and money. I see him losing his third wife after his political fiasco is over. I don’t think she likes the way he communicates in his campaign. I didn’t know that Mitt Romney filed as a candidate. Several people who looked at his chart in the past few years have said that he has a good chance to win this November if he ran. I don’t feel it but who knows! Incidentally, I mentioned in April, 2015 in a comment on your post that Sylvia Browne had predicted that he would win in November.

            Many of us felt that Jeb was going to run in November. Please check his chart too, for both the Republican convention and November, although he seems to have stayed under the radar since he suspended his campaign. I’m still wondering how my vibes about Elizabeth Warren being President some day fit in all this, as I have always seen Hillary winning this year. I don’t particularly like Hillary’s baggage (Bill, etc.) but she seems the right person for the daunting years ahead.

          2. Marie says:

            I am pretty certain it will not be anyone of those candidates that ran and dropped out. if that is the case then, why not look to Rubio who was in 4th place when he dropped out? bottom line, who picks losers? Mitt Romney is a loser as well. They’re better off picking from outside like Paul Ryan. OR stay with whoever has the most percentage of votes. Trump, Kasich, or Cruz

            Sylvia Browne’s predictions for the last several years of her life, her accuracy rate fell to about 25% Her head grew bigger than her finger nails.

            She also predicted that Bill Clinton would be back in the White House. any questions?


            1. PK says:

              Marie, I agree that it makes no sense to pick a loser. By all means, one should look closely at Trump, Cruz, Kasich and Paul Ryan. I’m just saying that if one is looking at Rand Paul because his chart is on fire in November, then one might as well look at Jeb Bush and Mitt Romney about whom several astrologers/psychics had opined as running in November, with Jeb losing and Mitt winning the election. Secondly, the voters who determined the results of the Republican primaries and caucuses so far are not entirely Republican but composed also of Independent and Democratic voters who crossed party lines to vote; but, if I have understood correctly, the delegates at the Republican convention will be entirely Republican members – so their collective verdict might be different from the verdict of the voters. Who knows what backroom politics is in play in the Republican party? So far they have carefully worded the pledge for the candidates who have agreed that they will support ‘whoever is the party nominee’. That wording does not say whoever got the highest votes or delegates. Even Trump has agreed to this pledge.

              I think Mitt Romney hasn’t come out to play the Devil’s Advocate to Trump out of the goodness of his heart or in the role of being a party elder. I think there is some backing that he is getting from some quarters of his party to subtly project himself as a businessman’s alternative. He may be a loser but at this point in time he had more percentage of Republican votes than Trump has.

              As for Sylvia Browne I am aware of her psychic flubs. I should have prefaced in my comment that in April, 2015 I had said that she had made a psychic blooper about her Mitt Romney prediction because he said at that time that he wasn’t going to run but now I am reminded of it because he has suddenly come into play as a possible consensus nominee. I don’t know her exact prediction ‘that Bill Clinton would be back in the White House’ but if those were her exact words and Hillary Clinton wins in November, then Bill will be back in the White House as her ‘First Lad’. :)
              Anyway, I am no astrologer, and will leave it to them to decide whose charts they want to study as this dramatic political soap opera unfolds.

              1. Marie says:

                Browne made her prediction on Bill Clinton as he was exiting the White House and probably around the Gore/Bush election time. She was on her regular Montel Williams show. I was one of her loyal fans, but as time went on, and her competition grew, she was more wrong than right.

                I’ve been told that you can have your intuitive gifts taken away if your ego gets too big. lol It’s universe’s way of keeping you in line so to speak.

                however, I do know of folks that are very intuitive and use for their own gain and don’t care if they hurt anyone else. but, I would say watch out for karma for it can be a bitch.

                Getting back to the election…

                after all of our speculations, watching, and listening, I think it will come down to 2 candidates and I do feel it will be a brokered convention.

                Trump vs Paul Ryan

                Republicans had a brokered convention in 1964 when Goldwater ran against LBJ. They stripped away his nomination because they felt he was too conservative and un-electable.

                it quite possible they’ll go back to the losers that dropped out, and it’s embarrassing for them that could not do it, and could not beat Trump.

                the Republicans are scared and are terrified of Trump… tsk tsk they are getting exactly what they’ve been asking for and deserve Donald Trump.


                1. Thomas says:

                  Being we live in a competitive reality, I don’t believe gifts are given or stripped away, more like winning and losing competitive battles.

                  Putting anything into the public awareness is a sure way of creating competition to manifest things.

                  Attaching one’s ego to outcomes creates losses of energy trying to manifest desired outcomes, which creates weaknesses, so when it comes to psychic sparring, you really want your opponent’s ego in the battle, because their ego strips away their energy to create.

                  When a psychic keeps their visions to themselves they are the most accurate, but as soon as they share their premonitions and visions, other’s energies go to work.

                  Depending on what you intend to create in this reality, things can get very complex, but I will say this, flexibility and unpredictability are necessary when sparring in the upper levels, and at the highest levels total detachment is necessary, which is difficult because there’s always some goal.

                  1. Marie says:

                    Very true…

                    When a psychic keeps their visions to themselves they are the most accurate, but as soon as they share their premonitions and visions, other’s energies go to work.

          3. Marie says:

            Their have been 4 contested conventions in the last 60 years. Republican side 1952; 1964; 1976. Democrats side 1960; LBJ contested JFK, ultimately JFK was nominated. and LBJ ended up being the POTUS after JFK was assassinated.

  2. Thomas says:

    I was in the hospital the night of the show in 2012, and listened to it after my surgery, so I was really out-of-it on drugs, lol.

    There was a scorpion on my hallway wall this afternoon, and the totem message was interesting. Someone mentioned to me it seems to go along with the times we are currently in.

    “Scorpion brings a warning: control your passions so that they do not consume you.”

      1. Thomas says:

        You’re welcome.

        This is really strange.

        I was looking up Astro-Twins (people born on the same day/year), and Donald Trump’s Astro-Twin is Mack McLarty, Bill Clinton’s White House Chief of Staff (born June 14, 1946).

        Another Astro-Twin of Donald Trump is Ahmad Zahir (Afghan music icon). Many of his recordings were destroyed by the Afghan government due to the anti-government commentary found in many of his lyrics.

        Bill Clinton’s birth name is William Jefferson Blythe III (born August 19, 1946). Blythe means happy or cheerful person.

        I keep having synchs with 46, after watching the movie Code 46, which has some synchs with Denise’s book, such as the sunshine becomes harmful in the future.

        Strange days indeed.

  3. After tonight’s primary results it’s obvious Hillary will be the nominee since there is no way Sanders can win enough delegates. The only way Sanders would be the nominee is if Hillary is indicted for legal problems and he’d replace her as nominee. The fascist republicans are scared to DEATH of Hillary – why else would they spend years and years attacking her even when she was no longer in government, making her a nightly “story” as Fox Propaganda Noise has done? This “scandal” with the emails is the last thing they can do to try to stop her from becoming President.
    Both Trump and Cruz are the same fascists at heart, only their public demagoguery is different. Regardless which one wins the nomination in Cleveland, neither will win the General Election and a new republican or conservative party will emerge from this after November. The current republican party as it stands now is dead..

  4. Marie says:

    we all have an astro twin somewhere in this world. number 46? wonder if you seeing some future President #46? I wonder if it means under #46 will we have problem with climate change?

    1. Thomas says:

      I was thinking the same thing yesterday. I was thinking it would be good if Hillary wins because I didn’t have any premonitions about her.

      Last night I was screaming in my sleep, which woke some people up. I was dreaming that a dark evil alien was trying to get me, and I was someplace very remote all by myself.

      Yesterday I was making plans to go camping at the end of the month at this extremely remote location (Sheldon National Wildlife Refuge).

      My celebrity Astro-Twin is Suzanne Vega. She was born in Santa Monica, CA, two hours after me, and 34 miles to the west. I wrote this song a long time ago called “Blue Eyed Nadine,” and years later found out Vega’s middle name is Nadine. One of her most popular songs has my first name in it, “Tom’s Diner.” The first time I heard the song it pissed me off, because I knew she was talking about William Holden, lol. How could you not know who William Holden was?

      This is weird, Tom’s Diner has 39,999 likes and 1,111 dislikes. I’m always seeing repeating numbers like that, lol.

  5. Thomas says:

    Another thing I was thinking about concerning Hillary is if she does get elected it could create civil problems, because people have become so upset over the status quo, and the feelings there’s no getting the extremely corrupt out of our political system.

    A friend of mine shared this video with me, which talks about repeating cycles, like Denise Siegel’s posts about the Uranus cycle.

    It goes more into the possibilities of civil unrest.

    I’ve been noticing people’s emotions boiling over lately, even people that are normally even-keeled.

    Planet Nine came up again at this astronomer’s meeting I attended the other night. We were talking about which observatories should be able to spot it. Astronomers know it’s approximate path, but they don’t know it’s constellation position. Astronomers believe it should be found within five years.

  6. Lilledegarde Pogh says:

    I think the prediction of Zuma about Bernie is wrong… totally far fetched.. it is clear that Hillary is the presumptive nominee,,, it is hard to catch up with her delegates lead which is widening every week… I love Bernie too but.. I am so sorry Denise this time you have it wrong

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