People of California…

People living on the west coast please post here if you have or start noticing a spate of headaches. If you and those around you start having headaches, especially people who don’t normally get them. Please report if you notice strange erratic driving or if your pet suddenly seems entranced or goes missing. If you have the sight please report on this blog if you see lime green energy fields or even orbs. 

I think my earthquake prediction was early but I am getting worried that the time is getting closer. Since I no longer live there I can’t be certain so please report here if you notice any of these signs so that I can help figure this out and give people some warning.
Blessings and peace to all 



8 thoughts on “People of California…

  1. Thomas says:

    I live near the Northern California border and I’ve had this strange nagging feeling, but I can’t quite put my finger on it. I’ve been making all these summer travel plans, and buying some things, but nothing feels quite right about any of it.

    I just checked, and there’s been reports of “rotten egg” smells coming in off the Pacific Ocean, which could be a sign of something brewing.

    I will keep trying to get a read on my Southern California friends. One friend just posted a picture of herself with the Los Angeles skyline in the background. When I saw the picture it gave me an uneasy feeling, and I asked her about the skyline.

  2. Marie says:

    I live near Santa Barbara, California… I’ll keep you posted with any strange sights or smells. I rarely get headaches. Dogs are usually good at detecting things long before humans do. My labs are very sensitive. I’ll let you know if anything strange pops up.


    1. Thomas says:

      I grew up in Ventura.

      I’ve been seeing 113 for the last week or so, so I finally looked it up:

      “Angel Number 113 indicates that some obstacles and/or upheaval may take place in your life and this is taking place for karmic reasons that will break new ground for you. This will bring about new opportunities for you to grow on all levels; emotionally, mentally and spiritually. The angels ask that you adapt to changes gracefully and be open to auspicious new opportunities arising in your life. Angel Number 113 may be a ‘blessing in disguise.”

  3. BuddhaDreamer says:

    I am feeling the same foreboding. I have had for some years a premonition of a very large natural disaster in the American West, (including California). But my location was on the Eastern Side of the Rockies. I may be wrong. But in California, I am getting a quake that frightens, and damages, and is serious, but is not the big one that is long overdue. I think it is a precursor, but may well later trigger off the big one. I am getting late Summer to Late Autumn, for the first quake. New year for the big disaster. This is weird, but I am getting volcanic, as well as earthquake activity. (As far as I know, California has no volcanoes?). I also have a feeling, of undersea earthquakes triggering a tsunami. Thats all, so far.

  4. Su says:

    We have multiple volcanoes here. Cascadian is the fault line I worry about. Personally, I am within 25miles of Shasta and 35 within Lassen. Animals today have been very jumpy

    1. Thomas says:

      The Cascadia fault has been in the news a lot lately. I went to a meeting last summer about preparedness for when it goes, and the geologists were talking about 6 months to 3 years of recovery time.

  5. Thomas says:

    To get an idea about world events I sometimes do a reading on an individual, such as the reading I did on Denise to get an idea about the future of Los Angeles. In that reading I saw massive destruction from an earthquake, but she was physically fine. Her issue during that reading was separation from her husband and child.

    I just did a reading on this guy I’ve been watching for a few years on a popular YouTube channel. A few months ago he and his wife moved to Tokyo, Japan. What I saw in my mind’s eye was basically a tsunami. I saw him inside a building, like his home, and it filling up rapidly with water, and him panicking as he’s swimming around inside a room, and then going completely under water.

    I really like this couple, so the problem I have with doing such readings is depression afterwards. I probably should avoid doing depressing readings.

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