Bernie and the Bird

Interesting that that little sparrow showed up at the podium when Bernie Sanders spoke in Portand, Oregon. The spiritual meaning of that bird is pretty remarkable. A sparrow is said to have watched over Jesus on the cross and symbolized triumph over suffering. It was also a symbol of the common people toppling the monarchy. Read more about it if you want here. Interesting that tomorrow is also Easter. I think this is a major sign and blessing from the Great Spirit.


14 thoughts on “Bernie and the Bird

  1. Thomas says:

    I’ve been discussing how political power is leaving the Presidency, and the new political power struggles will be between the state governors/senators and the corporations.

    The Koch Brothers are not using their millions on this Presidential election, they’re saving their money for the elections of governors and senators.

    Corporations are now lobbying to get initiatives removed from state ballots, so soon you won’t even be able to vote on things like GMOs.

    States are passing laws to outlaw Executive Orders that are unconstitutional, and this will only get worse with time.

  2. Marie says:

    I’m a bird watcher myself Denise. if it’s unusual bird? perhaps a sign. if there are so many of the same bird in the area? hhhmmm, not so much.

    It’s very obvious who you are behind, and I am okay with that. what I see though, is how your so focused on Bernie that you may have lost your objectivity.


    1. Thomas says:

      Do you keep a Life List?

      I’ve seen a couple of Bald Eagles up close. One time I was tossing a fish back in the water from a catch and release, and before the fish could swim away a Bald Eagle scooped it up, zow, lol. They swoop in so fast it’s a real shocker. Bald Eagles tend to steal their meals from other birds of prey, like the Osprey.

      Most of my friends are Sanders fans, and some Trump fans. I just keep my mouth shut, lol. Besides, my state is a closed primary, and I’m registered independent, so I have no say either way. For comedy sake I would love to see Bernie and Donald on the ballot, lol. Hillary and Ted just aren’t near as good for comedy material.

      1. Marie says:

        Thomas, I thought you mentioned you lived in Northern California? California is now an opened primary. Started in 2014.

        not sure what a life list is, but I have 6 journals I’ve written in over a period of ten years. lots of interesting stuff and how many predictions I’ve made regarding my own personal life all came true. however, at the time of writing them, I had no idea, I was just telling my life’s story..

        some people around here like Sanders, Hillary, Trump, and even seen supporters for Ben Carson.

        it’s not all that strange of an election. we’ve had few contested conventions, and the country has gone through difficult times like the 60’s were especially hard times.. such as civil rights, JFK, MLK, Robert Kennedy all were assassinated, KKK cult groups..


        1. Thomas says:

          A “Life List” is list of the birds a Birder has clearly identified. I don’t keep a Life List myself, but I do have relatives that are Birders.

          I’m actually an Oregon resident living near the Northern California border. Oregon just started a new designation other than independent, and I believe it’s “no party affiliation,” which I joined. I was hoping it would allow me to vote in the primaries, but no such luck.

          That’s a good idea to keep journals. Over the last year I’ve been writing down the dates and places I’ve lived. I was surprised to learn I was only married for four years, lol. By memory I thought it was much longer (back in the 1980s), lol.

    1. Alzheimer’s runs in families, although they still haven’t identified the specific gens. I have a cousin (not in my genetic line) that came down with it in her 40s, and her grandmother had it much later in life. My step-grandmother also had Alzheimer’s, and her son got it at a young age.

      My brother’s mother-in-law was a caretaker in a facility that took care of Alzheimer’s patients, and she believed the disease effected mostly professional people, like doctors, lawyers, and scientists, because that’s what she saw in her ward. But it was more likely that had the money to be housed in such a place.

      I believe it would be difficult to figure out if it runs in Bernie Sanders’ family because he’s so old, and it may not have been properly diagnosed years ago.

      1. Marie says:

        my mother had Alzheimer’s disease and it’s very very serious. They’re are classic symptoms, and having a nasty temper, losing patience, and generally being mean are early signs of it.

        what bothers me about this article or blog, the author never signed it, so it was anonymously written.

        rumors of his senility has been floating around for a few months, and at first, I did not think much of it until the past few days regarding Bernie’s behavior on the stage rudely pushing his wife Jane to back away and not stand there. words to that affect.

        Bernie does appear to be impatient at times, and disregards other’s ideas by waving them off. If you disagree with him, than you’re the enemy says Barney Frank a colleague and who is very much a liberal progressive.

        There was an articile that interviewed Bernie himself that admitted he can be thee most difficult person to work with. his employees of his senate seat claimed he was/is very difficult to work with, and often demeans others. in a nutshell, Bernie has a bad temper.

        not sure if this is just the way he is, but appears that he has gotten more difficult and this campaign can’t be easy to do.

        He demostrates classic signs, but more importantly, that if he does have an illness, he should not be running for the highest office of the land

        I hope it comes out sooner rather than later. Bernie should not be the President of the United States if he has Alzheimer’s.


        1. Thomas says:

          I’m sorry to hear about your mother {{hugs}}.

          With my dealings with people with diabetes I’ve noticed they can also be very snippy and irritable.

          One of my aunts that was a total sweetheart turned into a real monster after she had a stroke, but it may have had to do with how they were feeding her at the nursing home. Food can really effect people’s moods.

          I would think the real problem of a President with dementia would be people controlling the Presidency from behind the curtains.

          Bernie would be apropos of a country in it’s waining years, as would any of the dinosaurs currently running. The only saving grace for this country would be a lean mean progressive that could strip away all the antiquated ways of this Titanic country, but I see the dinosaurs ruling until the meteorite strikes.

          1. Marie says:

            yea, I don’t think the dinosaurs are going anywhere. Those Republicans in congress are the ones that need to go away.

            Diabetes runs in my husband’s family as well. I am pre-diabetic, and none of that runs in my family. only my husband’s side. I am constantly having my sugar tested, however, insurance will not prescribe meds to me because I haven’t reached 6.5 at which point I would be declared full blown diabetic. right now, I am at 6.3 and do not qualify to be on medication.

            people with diabetes have to eat the right foods. low sugar in your blood is just as bad as high sugar in your blood which causes blindness, heart disease, kidney disease, etc. low sugar can put you in a coma and low sugar can make you cranky and yes, in a crappy mood. important to eat protein foods.

            1. Thomas says:

              I think you’re right about Sanders, there’s something in his energy that I find off-putting, and I believe it might be rage. The problem with a person that’s filled with rage is they are easy to manipulate, because of trigger points. All an enemy has to do is find the right trigger points, and keep hitting them, and the rage consumes all his creative energy, making him completely ineffectual.

              I believe the same could be said for Trump.

              Speaking of leaders, I saw today where Putin is making Russia an organic country, and really cracking down on GMOs. He’s like the ultimate chess master. With each passing day Russia looks more virtuous, and the US looks more satanic, and there’s nobody in the current Presidential race that helps with the satanic image problem. I believe Obama helped a little with the image problem, but he lacks fortitude, and appears impotent.

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