This has been a hard cycle for me. I dreamt Hillary would run way back around 2006. And then she ran in 2008. I had another dream she would run for president again back in 2009 and here she is running. She is very capable and presidential but the astrology looks very bad for her on Election Day although she’s easy to picture as commander-in-chief. ┬áDuring the same period of dreams about her election Pre-Obama I had several dreams about riots in small older American cities in African American neighborhoods. That has come to pass except I kept getting a hit about something big happening in Philadelphia. Something, that will change the course of the election. The feeling has chaos associated with it and I thought it might be riots there but I’m not sure. It could be something else too.

I’m trying to sort all of the conflicting info out. This is an even weirder election than the Bush – Gore one which was also confusing because both their charts showed them winning. Gore just a hair less than Bush. I predicted that one would win the popular vote and the other the presidency and it would unfortunately be Bush. This election is so strange for a number of reasons. One being Hillary’s chart is very energetically limp. Yet her will and qualifications are so strong. Both Bernie and Dump have tremendous energy in their charts but it’s not Plutonian which is traditionally associated with power, rather it is Uranian which is associated with revolution, change even rebellion. Hillary does not have any of that energy in her chart. I could see her winning more easily if she incorporated Bernie into her team.

The interesting thing about Dump’s chart is it shows intensly positive Uranian aspects but equally terrible Pluto aspects which leads me to believe he will look like he’s going to win, and galvanize a movement of rebels but lose his power and wealth in the process.

Something is amiss.