End of the GOP?

I had this crazy dream last night. I was overseas looking at a flyer – on it was a scale of dismanteling. These two young Republicans – one a woman, the other a man, we’re taking the pulse of the world and its support for their party. The scale (which was a series of graphs) was a different percentage of transformation the GOP party should go through. The most popular option was to scrap the GOP altogether. I said, “This is the trajectory your party was set on when Reagan took office.” They both sort of gasped like I had insulted God. I put my hand on the young woman and said, “Well, it’s true dear, you are too young to know about this.”


Trump’s Undoing

 I re-looked at Trump’s chart with the transits on Election Day. Hillary’s chart is anemic that day, as I said an earlier post she will win if the person she’s running against has worse aspects than she does, and this is more than certainly the case with Trump. 
Here’s a recap – he has tremendous Uranian energy at his back. This has been the energy that has gotten him this far. But Uranus is a trickster- it rules change but not the peaceful sort. It likes to blow crap up! It has storms and chaos attached to its lightening. And we are seeing the turn from flash of inspiration, ignition and desire for change turn and set the grass on fire now that the lightening has struck. Donald Trump will not only lose the election – he will lose credibility, much of his fortune (perhaps all of it) and rip a giant hole in the Republican Party. There is a great chance that Trump will end up bringing revolution and change to the structure that supported him.

Uranus also rules television so it’s not surprising the Trump revolution is being televised. Look for DT to barrel down his path of self-emmolation. And if you think he’s said some crazy shit so far, well you ain’t seen nothing yet. He will bury himself in verbal diarrhea – so sit tight and have no worries about him. We can look forward to the next season of rummaging through our collective garbage as sexism and misogyny will be the next set of shadow crap we’ll be working through as we free ourselves from the outmoded 20th century paradigms.
Many blessings and much love to all of you!