Anemic vs. epic fail

As I mentioned in some posts about a year ago, Hillary’s chart on Election Day is anemic. I was a little freaked out by it, but to tell the truth, then Bernie came along and he had the Uranian wind at his back (like Trump) but with lots of postive Pluto aspects which indicated an easy win – if he were to get the nomination. 

Hillary’s chart matched against almost any other challenger would have been bleak, but Trump’s chart shows a great rise, incredible revolutionary energy, followed by impotence. All that Uranian energy makes him master of TV media (Uranus rules TV) but when it comes time to seal the deal, assume power and capitalize on that revolutionary wave, Pluto bites him in the butt. One can not assume the mantel of the highest and most powerful position in the world with crappy Pluto aspects and these are the transits he has on Election Day.

Hillary may not be beloved and embraced by the masses but her Pluto aspects, while underwhelming, are positive.

Look for Trump to not only loose the election, but much of his power, prestige and money – his “brand,”will take a big hit that he may never recover from – depending on how he deals with this coming fall from grace.


One thought on “Anemic vs. epic fail

  1. Marie says:

    Hillary will do just fine. She’ll be the one to put “Putin” in his place. I’m really looking forward for this election to be done with. sick of Trump

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