Some Preliminary Predictions

I recently got an email from a reader who wanted to know when the next financial crisis would occur. Someone also sent me a question about the senate which I’ll get to in another post. While I was looking at the chart of the recent cyber attack that hit yesterday 10-21-2016, I noticed transiting Pluto was going through the US’s natal chart. It has been there for awhile. It started back in 2008 which is interesting because during that period our new president came to power and his “legitimacy” was and has been questioned. Pluto is the planet of power and rulers so it moving across our collective first house of identity makes sense – we had a major shift in our political identity represented by Barrak Obama. Suddenly, the first African American is president and a wall has been punched through – but it also stirred a hornet’s nest. All things one would expect with a Pluto transit. It has transited now to our second house which is why the talk has been incessant about jobs, now jobs later, jobs of the future, jobs, jobs, jobs. I think there were also several films that came out about Steve Jobs just for good measure. Ultimately the new president will have to focus on this issue more than any other – restructuring the worker/power elite inequity.  And this will be a big theme of HIllary’s presidency. 

3 things I do know, her being in power will be a misogyny colonic for the country just as Obama’s presidency was a racial one. We will get all the crap out and look at it as it exits our body politic. Pluto is good for deep psychological revelations, and then we have a boom. The housing market will go insane again as the north node heads toward Cancer – we are already seeing signs of this especially in certain cities but this trend will continue and peak around 2020 just after the culmination of it hitting Cancer. But in 2022 Pluto has it’s return in our collective 2nd house. This place and position of Pluto hasn’t happened in 248 years. Let’s think back to 1776 – we had a revolution. Pluto was in Capricorn in the 2nd house at that very degree when the Declearation of Independance was written – which begs the question will we have another separation from the powers that have controlled us? Will we get a new plan for freedom and Independance? Or will the powers that be win and control America’s destiny?

 We escaped the mechanashions of Feudal Europe nearly 250 years ago when we declared independance. Will we do the same with our new feudal overlord captitalism/corporations super pacs/citizens United? In many ways we have repeated the issues our forefathers thought they escaped the first time – we pay crazy high taxes to a government that no longer represents the people, but rather the wealthiest one percent – Isn’t Trump the quintessential face of all that has gone off the rails and away from our notions of democracy? He is a generational Plutocrat whose money came from taking advantage of the poor – his dad was literally a slum lord – and he is a real estate developer. Even the association with owning the land has resonance with the idea of feudal Barron’s. He uses the tax system to his advantage like a king would and treats those around him like peasants and women like wenches (and on a strange aside he has had three wives like King Henry.) He has a history of violence against women – he may dispute that but allegations and witnesses have reported the rape of a 13 year old girl from way back and his “modeling agency,” which appears to be a cover for getting hot Eastern European girls into this country, has marked him as a potential human trafficker. His use of the legal system to intimidate and shut up opponents is legendary and very much in keeping with the tactics of a malicious King. 

My biggest fear here over the next 6 years is how divided this country is and is becoming. With our resonance regarding the revolution we have to be very careful we do not repeat the violence we saw manifest during the last time Pluto was in this position. Things could get very harry so hold on! I’m hoping we can rise above the darker aspects of this and let Pluto bring us to a higher octave of freedom and justice for all.


5 thoughts on “Some Preliminary Predictions

  1. Excellent analysis which places us in the larger context of history, and its long lens while deconstructing the effect of the shakedown of race and gender. I like the use of the word, “harry” very much. I was imaging if Trump was in power he would use “harrying” as a tactic, just like feudal kings. It would be naive to think that we aren’t part of a continuum of history, but I’m an American idealist and believe we do show the rest of the world a kind of resilience derived from checks and balances, and the plurality of our culture. Clearly, our weakness is our strength.

  2. Thomas says:

    Obama might be the last US president. It’s looking like people on either side of the fence won’t accept a Trump or Clinton presidency, and military insiders are talking about a coup if they get public support. Then there’s the Syria powder keg. If things stay together until next year I will be surprised. I’m not expecting a normal Christmas because of warning dreams. I’m buying the last few things on my list because my dreams are telling me they will no longer be available to me, although why I do not know. I am expecting the internet to go down, and then never be the same again. Time has now run out on the American dream, and what you have at this moment might be all you ever have. I’m not materialistic, but I don’t want to leave any material desires unfulfilled, because I never want to come back to this reality, or one like it.

  3. Thomas says:

    WOW! Major 389 synch!

    I’ve been talking to friends on a forum about the 389 dreams, and one of my friends just found this:

    The first Donald Duck cartoon was aired on June 9, 1934
    From and including: Saturday, June 9, 1934
    To and including: Monday, October 24, 2016
    Result: 30,089 days
    It is 30,089 days from the start date to the end date, end date included.

    The cartoon is about preparing for winter, and JDC’s dream was about preparing for financial collapse, disasters, and wars. The cartoon is also about Vice President Donald Duck of the Idle Hour Club.

  4. Thomas says:

    “389” – A forum friend of mine just found this:

    The first Donald Duck cartoon was aired on June 9, 1934, and was called “The Wise Little Hen.”

    From and including: Saturday, June 9, 1934
    To and including: Monday, October 24, 2016
    Result: 30,089 days
    It is 30,089 days from the start date to the end date, end date included.

    JDC’s 389 dream was about preparing for financial collapse, disasters, and wars. The Wise Little Hen cartoon was about preparing for winter and included “Vice President Donald Duck.”

    At bare minimum, keep cash on hand for a bank holiday.

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