Hope by way of the Green Party!

Thank God for the Green Party. They got the money to have recounts. Computer scientists say that it won’t show up in a recount if there was malware and it maybe difficult to detect as it could erase itself. If this is the case it will take an investigation but at least it’s a start to make sure we have clean elections free from tinkering. We all know it has happened before but it has to stop. I think getting rid of the electoral college would help because it would make the task of tipping an election an enormous undertaking.

The goal was reached with epic speed! The people have spoken!


There may be hope

Remember how I said there were were issues with Trump assuming power. I believe that – in this craziest of crazy elections – this recount could actually put Hillary in the Whitehouse.

Jill Stein has raised over 1.5 million – over a million in the 2 hours I monitored it. Here’s a link – please donate – if nothing else we deserve to know the truth of what happened here!

I also threw a horary chart to see if she will ultimately assume the presidency. It lioked bery promising. I’ll post that tomorrow.

Happy Thanksgiving tomorrow!


Uranus won 

I think we’ve just seen the repercussions of the Pluto downgrade. This is a seismic shift and a symbol of people’s desire for change. Her chart was very anemic except for the Pluto aspects – I am officially considering it psychically downgraded. Although she did win the popular vote – Pluto alone didn’t give her the power to take power. The only match for Trump’s chart astrologicaly would have been Bernie. He had all the extraordinary Iranian aspects that Trump had and the good aspects Hillary did with Okuto. I firmly believe Bernie would have won if he would have been nominated.

I honestly just couldn’t allow myself to dig into this potential future and so I didn’t. I hoped logic would win out but the stars are clearly more powerful than logic, reason and the common good.

My novel Trees for the Forest predicts this future-read it if you dare to know. 

Let’s hope for the best. That’s all we can do now.


Alternate time stream

I think we’ve jumped into the alternative time stream – one that includes an early Armageddon- a giant market crash and WWIII. Unfortunately this is the time stream my book forsaw. I took all the references of time out of, Trees for the Forest, because I was hopeful that the future would be far off. The psychopath leader in my book is very Trumpian down to being a rapist. When I wrote the 1st draft in late 1999-2000 I had the 2020s as the time frame. I was really hoping we could avoid the coming winter- dystopian future. But America just voted it in. Look for a giant financial crisis – a major market crash starting tomorrow. 

Sorry to all of you – my hope for humanity outweighed my fear. I clung to it. In fact I didn’t post here often or watch much news. I really didn’t want to see this future. God help us.