Alternate time stream

I think we’ve jumped into the alternative time stream – one that includes an early Armageddon- a giant market crash and WWIII. Unfortunately this is the time stream my book forsaw. I took all the references of time out of, Trees for the Forest, because I was hopeful that the future would be far off. The psychopath leader in my book is very Trumpian down to being a rapist. When I wrote the 1st draft in late 1999-2000 I had the 2020s as the time frame. I was really hoping we could avoid the coming winter- dystopian future. But America just voted it in. Look for a giant financial crisis – a major market crash starting tomorrow. 

Sorry to all of you – my hope for humanity outweighed my fear. I clung to it. In fact I didn’t post here often or watch much news. I really didn’t want to see this future. God help us.