Alternate time stream

I think we’ve jumped into the alternative time stream – one that includes an early Armageddon- a giant market crash and WWIII. Unfortunately this is the time stream my book forsaw. I took all the references of time out of, Trees for the Forest, because I was hopeful that the future would be far off. The psychopath leader in my book is very Trumpian down to being a rapist. When I wrote the 1st draft in late 1999-2000 I had the 2020s as the time frame. I was really hoping we could avoid the coming winter- dystopian future. But America just voted it in. Look for a giant financial crisis – a major market crash starting tomorrow. 

Sorry to all of you – my hope for humanity outweighed my fear. I clung to it. In fact I didn’t post here often or watch much news. I really didn’t want to see this future. God help us.


7 thoughts on “Alternate time stream

  1. Marie says:

    it’s probably pointless at this time to even ask, but do you see Trump winning in 2020 for re-election? Hard to believe that Hillary lost, but it is what it is. I feel sick, why? because we have a Rapist/Groper in the White House and who will be giving speeches and meeting with foreign leaders. Unbelievable, just fucking unbelievable. Tweeting at 2 am ranting against muslims, blacks, hispanics. God help us, we’re in for a fascist regime of a nightmare.

    1. Denise Siegel says:

      I know this sounds insane but a part of me still thinks something really weird is going to happen and Trump will not take power.

      1. I’m holding onto the only thing I know and that is “HOPE” and lots of prayers. yeah, I simply can’t see any of the Trump family in the White House. either the recount, the electors, OR he simply walks away.

        I heard today, and in spite of, Donald wanting to hold onto the DC Trump Hotel. He’s been told he must sell it off to avoid business conflicts of interest. well, it’s happenng already…

        just recently, there was an arrest made by the Turkish gov’t holding one of Trump’s business partners had built a Trump hotel in Turkey. The reason they made an arrest is to hold him as a leverage for someone else that currently lives in Pennslyvania. He has been accused by President Erogdan of Turkey of staging a coop to oust the current regime.

        That’s why he can’t continue to hold onto his business name or business assets.

        explains, the crazy PR stunt yesterday with Kanye West. the last few days has been a crazy news cycle, and I am surprised I have not seen the Turkey/arrest news come out in the mainstream media YET.

        I do feel more is to come… and it won’t be pretty.

      2. Thomas says:

        The two things I have seen for Trump so far are problems with the Russian navy, and the way he dies, like a heart attack or stroke.

        I was just picking up on something happening in Europe, and something pushed my energy back into my body. That was strange, like I need to keep my energy more in the moment, or more in my body, or I just need to keep my energy away from whatever it is.

        I can imagine the damage control on America’s image is going to have to go into overdrive after this election.

  2. PK says:

    There is no need for you to apologize, Denise. You had expressed doubts about Hillary’s success earlier. It is scary indeed. He also has both houses of Congress on his side. So there is little hope of a legislative check and balance. I sent you an email.

  3. Thomas says:

    Just out of curiosity today I looked at your family future. I didn’t see much other than your husband tripping backwards and falling on his ass, and one other thing about him. The really odd thing was as I was thinking about writing about it I had déjà vu about writing it down, which I thought was very strange. I saw him in a rural area making a connection to an alien, like the alien was above him, like a light beam connection, or maybe a spiritual connection.

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