Uranus won 

I think we’ve just seen the repercussions of the Pluto downgrade. This is a seismic shift and a symbol of people’s desire for change. Her chart was very anemic except for the Pluto aspects – I am officially considering it psychically downgraded. Although she did win the popular vote – Pluto alone didn’t give her the power to take power. The only match for Trump’s chart astrologicaly would have been Bernie. He had all the extraordinary Iranian aspects that Trump had and the good aspects Hillary did with Okuto. I firmly believe Bernie would have won if he would have been nominated.

I honestly just couldn’t allow myself to dig into this potential future and so I didn’t. I hoped logic would win out but the stars are clearly more powerful than logic, reason and the common good.

My novel Trees for the Forest predicts this future-read it if you dare to know. 

Let’s hope for the best. That’s all we can do now.