What I’m working on…

As we all woke up in an alternate time stream and Uranus is afoot I felt I had to look at our future in more unconventional ways. I’m currently evaluating a complex chart – the rectified US chart, Russia and DT. I’m still pondering it, scrying it and projecting forward. It’s a bit opaque so bear with me. Here it is for you all to contemplate.

And for your entertainment I’ve included some pics from a recent show of my paintings which attempt to represent multiple dimensions with our’s represented by various birds which are highly symbolic in shamanistic traditions.  Happy Holidays to all!


If you want a reading…

It’s easiest and I’ll get back to you quickly if you just text me about getting a reading. We can set it up quickly and figure everything out. My email account is OK but it may take longer for me to respond. Text: (615) 246-7764 

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I’m compiling right now and plan on looking at the future of the economy and what is going on with Trump!