Donald Trump’s progressed chart with transits

Holy McMoley! Check this chart out – even if you know nothing about astrology – it looks insane!

Notice all the clusters of planets. In his progressed chart he has a load of planets in the 12 house in Libra and another load of planets in Leo in the 10th. Leo is connected to royalty, leadership and the tenth house is career and the public.  Pluto conjunct Mercury illustrates his power in connected through selling of himself (Mercury rules sales as well as communication.) Nearby is Saturn, not close enough to be conjunct, but it is closest to the mid-heaven in fact it is exactly conjunct the mid-heaven telling us the lord of karma – Saturn is laying in wait.

Now here’s the thing, but this is a highly unusual chart – we have two stelliums (a collection of more than two tightly conjunct planets)  sextiling each other. Ok that’s not common, but not crazy weird. What is weird is the stash of transiting planets in Pisces going through the 5th house of speculation, gambling and children because that stellium is creating a YOD – aka, “the finger of God.” A YOD is normally two sextiling planets both inconjuncting another third planet. It is called a finger of God because it is two irreconcilable energies that have no way to merge and thus create a break. Every other aspect can be mitigated or mollified through work and understanding an inconjunction however has no way to find middle ground and therefore when we see it transiting we know it brings a break. I have seen this aspect when people break from this world and pass over to the other side or when a major course correction happens. The fact that there are 3 stelliums interacting is HUGE! I have never seen anything like it. Whatever is in store for Trump will rip through our country and Change it forever.

So what do I think it all actually means?

Well the stelliums transiting YOD is the most apparent, but there are inconjunctions going on from every direction. I won’t bore everyone with a play-by-play breakdown of all the aspects, I will just give my impressions and interpretation.  This scandal that is playing out in slow motion will turn out to be much deeper and more nefarious than suspected at first glance.

There are numerous indications in this chart that show a deal was made between a foreign government and the Trump camp. The Uranian energy I talked about (in the post about the transits on election day in relation to Trump) not only points to Russia (Russia has Uranus as a ruling planet- constant turmoil and the original old Russian chart made it an Aquarian) but it also indicates revolution. I think what we find here is a deal to put Trump in office through the tampering of the election in a variety of ways one of which was with voting machines, we know about fake news and financing. In the progressed chart Mercury rules the ninth (foreign governments) and it is conjunct Pluto (power) almost exactly in the tenth house. Progressed Jupiter going through the 12th has been protecting him – Jupiter is the natural ruler of the ninth house – foreigners/foreign governments. However all of this is unraveling with transiting Neptune in Pisces making an exact inconjunct to both Pluto and Mercury. It is also making a loose inconjunct to Neptune, Mars and Venus in the 12th house.

Let me just take a moment here to explain the three houses with tremendous energy. The tenth house or the top of the chart, midheaven, is one’s career and the public all of that blustery Leo energy shows us the style he has in public – puff the chest out and blow hard along with the air of aristocracy that Pluto in Leo brings via tremendous wealth. Make no mistake this man is a plutocrat, who did indeed want a revolution, but unfortunately it is beginning to look like it was never about remaking America or jobs, it was purely and is purely about personal fame, money and self-aggrandizement. The presidency was the biggest platform he could climb to for the sake of his brand and so he took hold of it for his own sake – with the help of a foreign power whose agenda was to destabilize our democracy – URANUS. That was the revolutionary energy Donald Trump was riding high on and that’s why he didn’t win (pluto being anemic in his transit chart the day of the election) through conventional means, why the Plutonian energy of the US or the power given by the people was completely dead in that chart. This is also why we are currently seeing his inability to govern or grab hold of the reigns of power. The more he grabs at that ring the more he will trigger these crazy inconjunctions.  The twelfth house activity is also interesting. The twelfth house rules incarceration and death, it also rules institutions like insane asylums and prisons, the other side and hidden enemies. And what about the fifth house? Well that rules one’s progeny, children, intellectual babies, speculation, creativity, amusements, hobbies, theater, romantic affairs, risky behavior, play, the publishing industry, entertainment of any kind.

In simple plain terms Donald Trump and all those connected to him are on the precipice of a shit-storm that could not just catapult him out of the presidency, possibly into prison or possibly poisoned – Neptune is all over the place here and it has a very strong association with death, poison and drugs also interestingly oil and water – there is one world leader known for his love of using this method to destroy enemies and we all know he’s the one guy Trump won’t criticize. While this will not end well for Trump or anyone connected to him and when I say not well, I mean this is a disaster the likes of which we’ve never seen, it will also be a horrible tragedy for our country. Those people who voted for Trump to put a monkey wrench in our government, to shake things up because they were angry are in for a very scary boomerang to come their way. This president’s administration could very well rip a hole in our country and even perhaps the fragile semi-world peace we currently have.

The very best case scenario is Trump and his team are ousted and the scandal underlying stays somewhat hidden making this feel similar to the Nixon years, but on steroids. The very worst case scenerio is Donald Trump and his team will either end up in prison as traitors or be poisoned. So let’s try to get more clarity by looking at his chart with current transits.

So above is DT’s natal chart with current transits. As you can see that stellium of planets in Pisces are in the 7th house of legal issues, partnerships, open enemies, the public and marriage. The transit chart doesn’t look nearly as crazy as the progressed chart and will allow us to get a better sense of what energies are hitting hard enough to cause a fractal implosion. Again we see transiting Pluto – here it is in the fifth house (a repeated theme giving it extra umph) is inconjuncting his natal Uranus in the tenth house and is approaching an inconjunction to his natal Sun. Outer planets make things happen and they linger hitting the same spot an average of 3 times. The first direct hit was in March of 2016 and it sat there until June. I would bet that the doo-doo he is in now goes back to a deal made during this period of time. The second hit was just before he was inaugurated at the beginning of January. Think back to this period and we will recall the Russian story starting to really take shape. It stayed there for the entire month – we saw lots of protests around the country as well as push back. During that period it seemed that we had never been closer to a civil war than we were since the last civil war. It felt like we might be on the precipice of a revolution. The next time it will be exact mid-July into early September,, there will be a slight reprieve and then another long hit 3/4 of the way through October all the way into the first week of December. So these will be key periods of revolt, descent and a possible dethroning of Trump. More serious than all of that Trump has that inconjunction hitting his Sun in 2019 and especially since the Sun rules his chart he could pass over during that period if he survives everything else.

In order to be truly accurate we have to look at other things and see how this unravels. I have spent the last three days looking at numerous charts and transits trying to figure out which terrible cluster of planets and aspects are going to lead to the timing of his karma.

I think I finally figured out some of it. First, there will be one thing after the next. There are just too many insane negative Pluto and Neptune inconjunctions and squares and blah, blah, blah for him not to be under constant fire. He will be. It’s not if he will be fired from his current job – it’s a matter of when, how, what will take him down and how bad will it be for him.

OK. So I’m going to narrow down the broad strokes. A couple of charts will tell us a lot about some crazy stuff coming up. The first thing is the next big thing that will break and most likely be the thing that causes his real downfall. The Russian stuff isn’t good, but the transit that will really mess him up is Pluto going through his 5th house inconjuncting his natal Uranus in the 10th. The energy that put him in the Whitehouse will blow him up. I have no way of knowing exactly what it will be, but I can tell you this much, it will be sudden, have to do with powerful people, a business deal with his kids involved and speculation. With Neptune transiting his 7th house in Pisces inconjuncting his natal Pluto it was probably something that could have landed him in jail when that was a tight transit and could do so when that energy is activated again. It won’t take him down right then, I don’t think, but it could and if it doesn’t then it will lead to the next big hit in 2019. It’s possible that when that Pluto transit hits his Sun at the end of 2019 and into 2020 (which rules the 12th house of death and jail) he could end up in the clinker or worse.  So here’s his chart in the center and the transits that I’m talking about it on the outside

And here’s the second whammy period. This is the period where suddenly everything will crumble around him and he will lose everything: his position, power, money, status, the presidency. This will be an unraveling and of course will happen quickly, but these terrible transits keep happening – so I would guess it will be the loss of one thing after the other.

So there you have it. Trump will not serve out his 4 year term and over the period he is in office it will be one shit storm after the next. He will have resistance and conflicts and misstep after misstep, so much so, that he will never really take the power of the office in a normal way.

This is a crazy time and this will be not just a tragedy for Trump but for all of us. I think this will have major repercussions in our country. I hope to get more clarity about all of this as I continue to look. The next thing I’m going to look into is the US constitution and the US charts and the transits, progressions, etc. – all of it.

Crazy! Scary! Pray for peace, for our country to come together and find common ground and unite again. Put white light around our planet and do what you can to offset this negativity.

Many blessings to all of you!



23 thoughts on “Donald Trump’s progressed chart with transits

  1. Good Morning. I read this twice and yes, I can see how difficult it is for Trump to enjoy his (limited) power. I would say he’s a very angry and unhappy man to start with, and with this position he is in now, only serves to compound his Presidency.

    I’ve been having sleepless nights over Trump and his corrupt cabinet, not only over his abuse of power, but ripping up the healthcare, and wall street regulations plus EPA regulations will virtually disappear. all of this on what we are seeing today really reflects the Republican party, specifically the hard far right which represents 30% of the nation’s population.

    The republicans are responsible too. they have coddled this piece of Sh** for far too long. really disturbing to see they are still hesitant to come out and stand up to this piece of trash called the President is just laughable.

    what I would really love to know…. what will happen to the Republican party and referring to the Senate and the House. Will they be found guilty of gerrymandering and voter suppression. all of this lays on the leaders as their man Trump speaks their language.

    will they finally be reduced in numbers, or will they continue to play hard right gamesmanship?

    Thank you for your time and energy.


    1. I’m going to check into that. The timing of his final ousting implies(to me) that it will be democrats who kick his butt along with the people. Because it happens in 2019, I’m expecting 2018 to be a blood bath for republicans but I am going to follow up and look at it! This summer I think the next really big scandal will break. That will be the one involving his kids and his business. It may take him down and the 2nd big whammy might land him in prison but with the republican ps putting party over our country I’m inclined to believe the scandals will be left to fester until a big rip happens in 2019.

        1. I’ve been following Jean Mayall’s psychic blog as well. it’s with an understanding though, it’s a group session with as many as 50 students mediating. Timing is really difficult to pin down. They’re not using astrology chart(s), they’re relying on psychic impressions or visions.

          after all of this time and now with the GOP in control it’s clear they can’t govern. easier to dig your heels in, and just say no. now, they have to step out of their sandboxes, and actually put words into action. very clear they just don’t know what to do, and they have a crazy out of balanced President sitting in the White House who speaks like a 12 year old with ADHD, hanging out at a football rally.

          I think for now, we must endure the shit storm that lays ahead of us. how we gonna put up with this? it’s exhausting just thinking about it.

          makes sense on the 2018 elections which goes into effect for new congress – January 2019. Pence will most likely step up, and he is even more unpopular than Trump. my guess would be that Pence will be a 2 yr POTUS. similar to Nixon/Ford -1977

          65% of American voters want an independent investigation on the Russian ties, but the Republicans are not pushing this hard enough, and basically ignoring their own constituents. what will teach them a lesson? a repeat of 2010 election, but this time it will be the Republican party that will lose many seats.

          well… that’s how I see it.


            1. hhhmm, a special election could be incorporated into the mid-term election? all seats in congress is up, but the senate is unfavorable for the Democrats in 2018.

              The supreme court recently turned down a case for a special election. not sure, why they would not review it for consideration. with the court more conservative than liberal, and for the next several years.


                  1. that’s definitely a possibility. one sticky issue though, they would have to find Trump guilty and for helping the Russian interference or for treason on aligning with a foreign (hostile) government.

                    if they go for the violation of the emolument clauses – Business conflicts then, Trump would either resign or be impeached, but a new election would not be necessary.

                    it would then go to who is next in line from VP, Speaker of the House, Majority party leader (Orrin Hatch), secretary of state (Tillerman) and on down on the list of his Cabinet administration.

                    which is the plan in the event there is a terrorist attack, and a bunch of politicans and leaders were to die, the majority leaders would begin a vote on the cabinet members

                    a lot like the new TV series “Designated survivor “

  2. Tina says:

    Hi, Denise–

    Thank you so much for your analysis! Calculating timing is beyond my expertise, but the Sabian symbols in the election charts also suggest that Trump will be deposed and sent to jail:

    Trump’s natal chart:
    – North node on Gemini 21: A TUMULTUOUS LABOR DEMONSTRATION

    2017 inauguration chart:
    – Mars on Pisces 25: THE PURGING OF THE PRIESTHOOD

    Stay tuned . . .


    1. Wow! Thanks for adding that info. Sabian symbols are so fascinating. They always add an extra dimension. I love how astrology is fractal, each piece contains the info in different ways. I’m very fond of fixed star info but there is so much conflicting information and ways of calculating them that I just look at them for fun.

      1. Tina says:

        Come to think of it, Jupiter will be retrograde on Trump’s natal Jupiter, the “arrest” degree, April 10-17. I wonder if he’ll be hit then?

  3. Great work! An epic analysis of Trump. This will all serve his Jupiter/Chiron conjunction, delivering a painful lesson to his soul about ego and bloated expansion.

  4. Thomas says:

    Goldman Sachs, LOL. It’s 5 Goldman Sachs appointments now. Either Trump was yet another con pulled off by the people that run this country, or an appeasement to keep a military coup from happening, and the rumors were flying all over the internet about a military coup if the Clintons won.

    There were eight years of record breaking gun sales with Obama, and I have this feeling it was all reverse psychology, to get the average American household armed, like Switzerland before WWII. Now the trick is to get the “snowflakes” armed.

    The suppression of gold and silver prices really has me wondering what that’s all about, because the gun owners are also collecting precious metals, and if the dollar collapses, the precious metals will keep some of the economy alive for a short time, until a restructure.

    It’s obvious the media is controlled, but what they are really up to is the fascinating part, because it’s all about psychology, economy, and global political power. Those Navy ads are fascinating, as are the movies coming out of Hollywood.

    There’s an endless line of clowns going in and out of the White House, and they keep everyone’s attention focused on them, LOL.

    The tipping point might be natural disasters, disruptions to food supplies, and possibly weather warfare to destroy crops. We actually live on a very delicate planet, which is now stressed for energy, water, and other natural resources. One barrel of oil is equivalent to 23,000 man hours of labor, and could you imagine what would happen if there’s a disruption to that labor force?

  5. Never Trump says:

    About your reference to Trump being poisoned. Is he poisoned? Or is it that he, his family and his associates/administration are poisoning America?

  6. bobbie ingersoll says:

    Some things I noticed and wanted to share: Both Don, Jr. and Eric Trump are Capricorns which means that Saturn will be transiting their Sun (the father) over the next year. Uranus goes over Trump, Sr.’s Midheaven in May 2020. Uranus goes over Melania Trump’s Sun (her husband) in June 2019. And then Jupiter conjuncts Mike Pence’s Sun (his position) late June/early July 2019. And Uranus is, in July 2019, stationary-retrograde within one degree oppose her Sun. Looks like lots of changes in mid 2019.

  7. You are so democrat that shows in every word and every sentence. Astrologers nd Psychics have to learned to be neutral, when they talk about politics.. You are so democrat that shows inevery word and in every sentence that you write. . Good luck with your analysis of the chart,but I think you are going to be wrong morethan50Nydia%. We shall see.

  8. hahaha says:

    this did not age well. haha nor did theae pearl clutching, retarded comments.

    trump has the chart of a king and will be a two term president that will be remembered as one of the greatest, alongside Lincoln and Washington.

    and Hillary, Obama, the bushes and all their cronies will be remembered as thr great villains of the millenium, alongside Hitler, Pol pot, Mao and others.


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