How will 45 play out long term?

I started this post 22 days ago.

This period is VERY BAD for the Trumpster. From what I can tell this will not only be an EPIC fall from grace. It could cost him EVERYTHING. I will go into the astrology of this at a later date. I keep meaning to get to this post but I figure I better just put it out there because this spring is one of the terrible passes of transits going on in Trump’s chart. From what I am seeing we may see the whole deck of cards fall here and by the fall of 2018 it will come to its final ending. I have to figure out exactly how and what that means, but I can say that the Pluto aspect I talked about regarding Trump’s election chart – the strange lack of energy there and the over active Uranian energy is really starting to play out.

Uranus is revolution – overthrow.
Pluto is power, and it seems this president can not get ANY of his POLICIES through and will not be able to do so. This is the weak Pluto playing out.

2018 maybe a very strange year that will culminate in not just the end of this presidency but a special presidential election. Something very bizarre and unprecedented is afoot.

I’ll come back to this. This post was privately published last month but I’m throwing it out there now because whenever I post something in private mode I never deal with it! This ends now!

Many blessings,