The Trump Transits

The transits are so complicated it was easier to just video myself talking it through. I’m going to go through his progressed chart next which will tell us more detail. I neglected to mention that in 2018 Neptune will create a transiting T-Square in his chart making the aspects I am talking about in the video more intense and pointed.

Trump transits 2017-18


2 thoughts on “The Trump Transits

  1. I have been reading your blog for many years and liked it a lot. Thanks for all you posts and insights 🙂
    All counties need changes now and then and sometimes we need it more than other times. I believe that the western world need a ‘spring cleaning’ if you know what I mean, and here I do not believe that Hillary – a very talented lady, I admit! – would do that. My guess is, that she would try to make USA better from where it is today rather than clean up the mess we already have. Trump might be the man for, it because it looks like he does not care much if he hurts others and in all his brutality he will both hurt those influences but also tear down may things. I’m living in Europe and from my perspective your analyses of Donald Trump seem to be influenced by your personal opinion and not totally neutral. E.g. as far as I know, we do not know who helped who in your election. I realize that he is insolent, but that does not change the fact that his 4 years might be better in the long term, because someone more suitable can come after him and build a better USA.
    I believe it would be good to focus on the potentials of having Trump as president of USA for 4 years.

    1. Everything and everyone is effected by their bias – no question. But I also saw that he would win. I get why he won and how he appealed to people. I didn’t write much before the election because I didn’t want him to win and saw that he would. Most people who read my blog are progressive. Most highly spiritual people are – I think Trump sold himself very well. Living overseas you may have had less exposure to the campaign than we did. I don’t think Hillary ran a very good campaign. I was a Bernie supporter so I voted for HRC but she wasn’t my first choice this go around. Part of the reason she wasn’t my first choice was because her astrology looked so bad for a win. Bernie would have beat Trump (from an astrological pov.) I think she proves how misogynistic people are – it is so inculterated
      Into us- sad really. I hoped she would win so we could deal with sexism just as Obama made us confront our cultural racism.

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