5 thoughts on “Here’s the Link to the Syria/Trump Video

  1. Judi wilson says:

    The link doesn’t work for meveuther. It says ” no videos available” But Mercury is retrograde so ……

  2. yes, I had difficulty accessing the link from your email account. fortunately I have an account with you tube video site, and I had to type in Denise Siegel search box and two of her videos showed up.

  3. Denise, would you please include the close caption on your videos? I really love your laid back demeanor while you’re speaking. I am hearing impaired and close captions really help a lot.

    The first video included the close captions, but the second one did not.

    looking forward to the next one.


    1. Funny I thought about doing that last time. I hadn’t noticed it until recently and just saw this right now – I will do so from now on. I’ll try to do it retroactively to the other videos. Thanks.

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