Update Syrian Air Strike Astrology

I was down with the flu so I had hoped to blog and make more videos closer together but what can you do? Life gets in the way or our plans. I went over this quad wheel on my You Tube channel. Here it is for you to look at. I plan on doing a counterpoint from the Russian perspective on the next batch of charts and analysis.

I made a video but messed it all up. It was funky so I took it down. I plan to redo it either tonight or tomorrow. But here’s the gist of it. Looking at Trump’s chart in regards to Syria, everything is primarily easy and there isn’t a lot of conflict with it – that being said, on the day of the bombing there was a Mars aspect that looked very reactive. My first instinct when I heard about the bombing was to freak out that this was the start of WWIII. I have long been feeling the march of the drum on that issue.

My second thought was the more cynical idea that perhaps it was a cover to make him look less in bed with the Russians. My instinct and the charts I looked at lead me to believe it was more reactive than a clever diversion.

As I have been combing through charts trying to make sense of what’s happening I stumbled on something that I think is more revealing than anything else I have found so far. It is Trump’s chart juxtaposed against the Russian stock market. I wouldn’t have thought of it except by strange happenstance but I’m glad I ran it. I think it helps clarify the relationship he has with Russia. I also ran Putin’s chart and I’ll post that here as well. I tried to muster a chart for Kim Jung Un but he has two different birthdays – this is common for Koreans as they follow both the solar/western calendar and the lunar/Chinese one. But the problem here is the western birthday is usually wrong. I ran it anyway. I’m going to post a bunch of these charts for people to probe and then go into more detail in the next video.syriastrikeusquad.jpg
 russiastockmartettrumprev.jpgvladimirputinchart.jpgquaddtussyriasyrianairstrike.jpgDT, US quad wheel.jpgdt71harmonic.jpg


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