I feel the need to say a few things about the nature of predictions and why they are often not exact in their timing, and why if anyone gives exact dates to any prediction – don’t expect it to be true. The reason this happens is simple. We are in constant flux – the nature of our reality is being written by us collectively and individually all the time – never has this been more true than since 2012.

I don’t just believe – I know there are millions of people who are incarnated now who are not ordinary human souls. These people came in waves. I will go into the astrology or the time windows when the big waves of these souls came at a later date. These souls are a mix or variety of different types of beings. Some developed here mostly on earth and ascended, and volunteered to come back during this period. Some are beings that evolved mostly on other planets, but have a special relationship with earth, and its people, and wanted to be here to help humanity during this period. Others are more akin to angels, in that they are direct from source, and have been sent here as the eyes and ears of the Creator during this time.

Why this time? Why so many souls and beings coming here to help this planet and its people? Because the prophecies were not wrong. This is as the Mayan’s said, The final world or the Christian’s apocalyptic period. We are in a crucial period. A period that could be so disastrous that earth is rendered lifeless. Or we could come to the end of all of our outdated and wrong-headed paradigms and belief systems and finally be free to evolve into a next level civilization, a higher vibrational or more evolved species. Now is the time that we as a collective are choosing to go toward darkness or go toward the light.

Unfortunately, many of our world’s organized religions are – well, frankly, in a word – wrong. Some were corrupted by men trying to gain power over groups of people. Some were born corrupted due to the manipulation of other beings interacting with us for their own purposes and/or interpreted wrongly due to our ignorance.  There is no organized religion on earth that has the whole true picture of the Creator and Creation.

We are all part of the Creator. We were sent out to return back. This universe is binary. But not all universes are. There are infinite universes, infinite dimensions or frequencies. There is no real end and no real beginning of Creation or the Creator. You are eternal. You are the power. You are the savior. You are the enemy. Creator gave us the rules of the game when we were set forth. Creator does not play favorites – we have the power yet we cede our power in order to learn things. We take on illnesses, troubled relationships, pain, sorrow, abuse, neglect, terrible things like handicaps in a game. They keep us limited while we are here. We are born binary an eternal soul born into a finite bag of meat. While we are here everything is reversed. This is the dream. Spirit/eternity is the reality – our dream time is where we reconnect with that truth and replenish ourselves. Why do you think every living being sleeps? To connect with source – up our frequency  – to the astral plane for answers. Sleep isn’t a design flaw. It’s a chance to stay connected to the true nature of the universe and Creator. Of course, while we are here many of us see it as an inconvenience – a useless waste of precious worker drone time that could be better served feeding the capitalist machine. But nothing could be further from the cosmic truth.

So there are millions of us here. Some call them light workers, some call them wanderers, ET souls, masters, bodhisattvas. There have always been these beings mixed in with humanity to help guide and/or serve humanity. But right now there are millions mixed in. There was a mass call and swarms of us showed up. We want humanity to go toward the light, to choose life, love, rationality, peace and prosperity, kinship and harmony over death cult annihilation, hatred, separation, power over, material slavery. We keep and hold the light. We are praying. We are praying and talking to the Great Spirit. We are wind-walker, walking between the worlds, carrying the light of Creator, calling the light into this dark place.

You are a wind-walker. You are special. You have the power of the light.

Hold this light. Open your heart. Be the light and walk in grace.

As each of us do this we dispel the darkness. We walk toward the positive side of the prophecies – were we can look at “death” as a metaphor, an ending of one way of being, one idea and open to a new one. If instead we choose to hate, condemn, belittle, one up each other – we choose the dark road and all that comes with it. This is my plea to you fellow being of light – you who are part of Creator – let these words stir your soul and open you to the power of spirit and to the dream which is the truth and end the lie which you have been trained to believe.

Pray, Open your heart, Believe in your power as the savior of this world.

You can change the world.

You have already done it over and over again. This is why the prophecies come so close to fulfillment and then those who hold the light pray, and move us away from the cliff.

It is never too late to right this ship – it is not too late now.

We can change the Great Storm coming into a deep cleansing rather than a horrible destructive flood. I can feel you at work already.

I believe in you.