2 thoughts on “New Trump Pence Prediction Video

  1. Here’s a link to an analysis of Pence’s chart that I did months ago:


    Virgo rising fits his appearance the best, I can see the Cancer Moon in his eyes, and the analysis puts him as a conservative (have hundreds of examples from regular people in my life to celebrities, it’s a legit formula I found at http://zot.net/pallas_liberty.htm, though I look for the rising sign rather than set the chart to noon. Trump has left wing indicators dominating, which supports his donations to Democrats and his flip flopping between parties). He has Sun, Mercury, and Moon on the midheaven in this chart, which strongly suggests someone that becomes popular, like the president of the US. Moon in Cancer also hints at an intuitive person, like you mentioned in the video. The aggressive Pallas suggests compromised ethics (Trump has a mixed Pallas, which also indicates a weak ethical nature), which he shares with other “establishment” politicians.

    Pence becoming president a year from now wouldn’t surprise me (something similar is predicted on Jeanne Mayell’s blog), as I just can’t see Trump lasting a full term, much less 8 years, because of his lack of thick skin and impulsive nature (most presidents were congressmen or governors before going to the White House, which gives them experience in politics before becoming president, which Trump doesn’t have), as well as the scandals and Russia involvement. Considering Trump’s low approval ratings (another reason the GOP may be on board with removing Trump for Pence, to keep their seats) I do also see the Dems gaining seats in the House and/or Senate, as the Republicans gained seats in 2010 when Obama had higher approval ratings than Trump currently has.

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