Scary stuff

As I sifted through charts of North Korea, California, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Mike Pence and the US Revolutionary war so many things dovetailed it was starting to worry me. A picture is emerging of our country going through a possible second revolution (from within or without I’m not quite sure yet) a chaos that could leave us vulnerable to some unthinkably scary stuff. Of course my mind raced to the worst case scenarios, but I am going to try and think of how this all might manifest in a more positive way. I’m nervous that we are in for some dark times ahead.


5 thoughts on “Scary stuff

  1. Here’s the TOB of California governor Jerry Brown, as his chart will be important for this because he’s the governor:

    April 7, 1938 12:34 PM San Francisco, California

    And of Antonio Villaraigosa, former mayor of LA and a gubernatorial candidate in 2018 (Democratic so a great chance of him winning):

    January 23, 1953 5:06 PM Los Angeles, California

    I’m near LA, though I’ve heard predictions of a big earthquake coming to LA or SF in the near future as well, so the chaos could come from the “big one” rather than a terrorist attack. With Pluto in Capricorn and the current political climate, an American Revolution is inevitable, though I see it happening in the 2020s around the US Pluto return in 2022 before Pluto goes into Aquarius, rather than in the next couple years. Just thought you should have the birth info of these people as they’ll likely have a role in this if it comes true.

    1. I agree- these things come in waves. I had dreams of a 9+ earthquake in SoCal a few years back. But timing with earthquakes are always dodgy because the earth has her own time frame. But I would bet it comes during the chaos period we are approaching l.

  2. John Titor the time traveler said there would be a “civil war” in the US. He also said the last president before we get nuked by the Russians was the worst in our history and “in it for himself.” He also said the Olympics are canceled (2018 is scheduled for South Korea). The dates are different but the content of what he said is strangely prescient.

  3. I believe the darkness comes with the negativity , those people that choose to detach from love and kindness, to make unethical choices such as Trump and his supporters. I can only pray that hope they make healthier choices. The Trump supporter’s were already full of misguided hate, bigotry and of course obviously fear that they are oblivious too. Thank you so much for all that you do!

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