Trump Update

From what I can tell about the aspects, the unraveling will boomerang into some dealings involving the kids – any and all possible Trump’s kids and their partners. It is possible that in exchange for immunity one could turn against him in order to save himself. Next week will be even more info that will upset people and set forth the unraveling and fall from grace to come for Trump and his empire.

When this is all said and done I wouldn’t be surprised to find out Putin got Trump to run for president and Trump has been working as an extension of the Russian government.


7 thoughts on “Trump Update

  1. with the latest bombshell on Comey’s firing… I am wondering if you could compare Trump’s current chart to the time when Nixon was being investigated for Watergate. I would think that would be more likeable than a full blown Civil war.

    I know I posted here somewhere a week ago, that I felt there would be a bombing event, and with the nationalist KKK groups. I do not feel it will be a full blown civil war. more or less a constitutional crisis.


  2. Linda Childs says:

    Hi Denise, thanks for your YouTube videos. I was wondering what you thought of Bernie Sanders’ chances are for becoming president??,

  3. I got to thinking about one of your videos today. I was listening to you talk about a constitutional crises that would come about in spring of 2018 perhaps combined with a civil war.

    After what has happened in the last 24 hours, I believe we’re here already. constitutional crises is at occurring as we speak.

    When congress, the state dept refuses to conduct a special prosecutor, we’re having a constitutional crises.

  4. Marie says:

    well, I’ve researched the topic of a Special Election in the United States. The short answer is a NO. sure it’s possible, but unlikely or rather far-fetched. The main reason is because it’s not written in our constitution. what is written and very clearly, that if there were ever a foreign terror attack on our government, and the President and Vice President were killed they would look to the council of the 12 cabinet members which is known as the line of succession.

    in this case, if Trump were to be removed by way of resigning or be impeached, the first person would be VP Mike Pence, then from there would be Paul Ryan speaker of the house, Orrin Hatch Republican party leader, Rex Tillerson Secretary of state and continues on down the line of succession.

    now I understand that what we have gone through was highly unusual, and never happened before, so therefore we must have a special election? special elections only happens in countries that have a Parliament cabinet, which is very different than the way we run our constitution through the house of congress, the Senate, and the Supreme courts along with the U.S. system that maintain checks and balances.

    Then you’d ask, but this was a foreign government that interfered with a Presidential election, and therefore not legit.

    How the Russian government interfered with our American election was a cyber-terrorist attack. which was an act of war. therefore our U.S. Government would then follow the constitution as written and go through the line of succession.

    Voting has consequences. If you vote for a third party, vote for Santa Claus or don’t vote at all can and do produced dire outcomes. Remember Ralph Nader?

    Please do your part and vote mid-term election(s) and drive out the Republican majority and only then we can take back our democracy.

    Marie / credentials can be used.

  5. Denise, I think you’re right with how this may go down. The Senate and the HOuse do not have enough votes to even begin an impeachment trial.

    so I believe that the DOJ will go after Trump’s children which could prompt Trump to resign.

    Important to note: you need 2/3 of the senate’s vote to impeach Trump. we only have 48 democratic senators with 52 republican senators. that means you need 19 republicans to join the democrats to impeach Trump.

    so, unless those 19 Republicans join the democrats, there will be no impeachment trial. it will be up to the constituents to apply pressure on their senator to change course.

    also important to note: Trump currently from the latest polls, is receiving an overwhelming support from his Republican party. including the independents.

    catching a lie is not as easy as you would think. There has to be credible evidence to stack up against Pence, Trump, or anyone else facing indictments.

    Nixon was facing an impeachment by a controlled Democratic house.

    Clinton was impeached by a Republican controlled house.

    Trump has the house and the senate on his side. you need 2/3 to vote on impeachment

    That’s why it won’t be likely that an impeachment is just around the corner. unless the Republicans turn against Trump. it is highly unlikely they will vote to impeach him

    it’s going to take the majority of the democrats in the senate and the house to move forward with an indictment. that’s why the mid-term election will be important.


  6. Pat says:

    I listen to CNN & ms nbc. Fox (faux) “news gives me a headache! They were reporting the Russian connection late spring & summer 2016. Why did it take so long to start the investigations into the trump campaign. & administration?

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