Happy 4th of July, what a send of from North Korea 

As you all know I have been freaking out about North Korea hitting the US, especially CA and more specifically Southerrn CA, for awhile now. I had seen a vision of 4 yellow balls of light and the next day while doing a reading, I saw a flash of red and my thought was- “oh, great another missle launch by North Korea.” Then I quickly forgot about it as I went into a full work load and it passed out if my head until last night when it happened and the warning came back. 

I couldn’t remember the time frame I had looked at for the potential attack on CA by North Korea so I found it in my system and am putting the chart out there for others to analyze. The exact date of course will not be accurate, but if you look at the outer planets during the spring of next year around the time I picked for the chart you can see how scary this could be. Here it is for all of you to deconstruct and meditate on. Great Spirit bless you and all the people of this world.


3 thoughts on “Happy 4th of July, what a send of from North Korea 

  1. Evelyn O'Connell says:

    Psychic medium Gary Champion just posted on the potential conflict of N.Korea. His message was that China will step in to abate this situation.

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