Venus lights up Pluto in Donald Trump’s chart

I tried to make a video yesterday but had a technical problem. I’ll put something up soon. As you can see in the chart below transiting Venus is making a conjunction to DTs natal Uranus and making an exact inconjunctions to transiting Pluto in the 5th. The reason this is so significant is because that transiting Pluto inconjunction has been wrecking havoc for Trump and is now lit up by Venus- basically Venus is setting that aspect off. We can expect now (as we are discovering in the press) that following the money will be key to potential criminal wrong doing. It’s very likely that Mueller and his team have already discovered “inappropriate” financial dealings between Russia and Trump. With Pluto in the 5th it’s very likely his kids (and this includes his son-in-law) will sink him and his empire. If he makes the mistake of firing Mueller I think he’s aware this would accelerate his demise. Look for him to continue his negative campaign against the investigation and as he attempts to save himself, watch him tear a hole in the fabric of our country.