Venus lights up Pluto in Donald Trump’s chart

I tried to make a video yesterday but had a technical problem. I’ll put something up soon. As you can see in the chart below transiting Venus is making a conjunction to DTs natal Uranus and making an exact inconjunctions to transiting Pluto in the 5th. The reason this is so significant is because that transiting Pluto inconjunction has been wrecking havoc for Trump and is now lit up by Venus- basically Venus is setting that aspect off. We can expect now (as we are discovering in the press) that following the money will be key to potential criminal wrong doing. It’s very likely that Mueller and his team have already discovered “inappropriate” financial dealings between Russia and Trump. With Pluto in the 5th it’s very likely his kids (and this includes his son-in-law) will sink him and his empire. If he makes the mistake of firing Mueller I think he’s aware this would accelerate his demise. Look for him to continue his negative campaign against the investigation and as he attempts to save himself, watch him tear a hole in the fabric of our country.


5 thoughts on “Venus lights up Pluto in Donald Trump’s chart

  1. The Trump mess is playing out on daily news, YouTube is broadcasting Yellowstone blowing up and also Planet X coming in to cause ‘extinction’. Lots of anger. I live in a retirement apartment building and have taken to sneaking out a back door to avoid confrontations in the hall/elevators. My natural balance is off. Have fears I will ‘kick over a wheelchair’. My tolerance is ZERO. It really helps to hear your reviews and interpretations. If you have suggestions for how sensitive people can move through negative energy, please include in your posts. Many thanks.

  2. Fascinating, Denise. The Neptune transiting his 7th house would be causing a massive amount of delusion in all his partnerships and a massive betrayal waiting for him when Neptune prepares to leave the 7th. I also expect that Jupiter transiting his Jupiter/Chiron conjunction will lead to public humiliation on a grand scale. Jupiter also expands people out of their body permanently, so whenever it touches sensitive points in the chart I hold my breath.

  3. fascinating… I am so happy you wrote it down on your blog. I love reading your work. I like the videos, and they’re fine, but I prefer reading, because you write so well.

    Thanks, Marie

  4. Dan says:

    I’m not familiar at all with the nominclature of astrology. It seems really complex to a layman. The transitions and houses and all are above my head.
    However the gist of your reading seems to pare up with what we are all seeing unfold with Trump.
    I saw on your video that you believe 2019 is when he leaves office.
    After this past 24 to 48 hours I have to wonder if this fiasco can last that long.
    Trump is so obviously a mobster like criminal. I hope he collapses far sooner than 2019. I also hope that when he is booted out he cannot manage to start his own political movement. I fully believe he will try and he will attract far too many to join him.
    If his fateful collapse is clearly coming as you see it, he must be ruined otherwise he still poses great risks to the nation.

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