OK- Check this out

As you can see we have transiting Uranus in Aries in the 1st house about to conjunct the natal sun of the start of the US revolutionary war squaring the native Pluto in the 10th. Hmm, not good. And there's plenty more issues, but that's a mega deal that I will explain in my next video which I plan to make and post tomorrow, but in the mean time let's take a gander at the other crucial chart the Civil War chart…

The biggie here is transiting Pluto in the 6th inconjunting Jupiter in the first. Transformation (Pluto) in the realm of work, service and healthcare (6th house) separating and ending the (Jupiter) benefits, protection and good will of the people (1st house.)

The combustion of Uranus in the first chart and the overlay of the second lead me to believe this is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of tempers flaring, power shifting, turmoil brewing and the seeds of revolution starting to be watered. I fear a civil war or at the very least extreme civil unrest is percolating.