Donald Trump and the Solar Eclipse

I don't really freak out about eclipses- mostly because unless they are conjunct one of the angles of a chart or a planet, they pass by without much notice. However when you have an Eclipse-particularly a solar eclipse, at a tight conjunction it brings an end to an outmoded pattern. It ends it rather abruptly- which often leaves the native in a chaotic state. This particular full and total solar eclipse is in Leo.

Leo is the traditional ruler of the ruling class. And in this case, it is directly over Donald Trump's ascendant. Mars is conjunct as well in the 12th leading me to believe hidden enemies will be involved with the true beginning of the end of the Trump presidency. So far Republicans have been anemic in their response to Donald Trump's antics, but this solar eclipse will see the end of any refuge he may have felt he had. As this solar eclipse hits his first house and mars progresses over his ascendant don't be surprised to find hidden enemies coming to light to bring him down.

While I cannot tell you exactly what will happen I can say that we will see a major shift in how he deals with things. If he doesn't change his ways before this eclipse – forces will come to bare to make him change or he will truly begin to feel the consequences of his actions come the fall.