5 thoughts on “CA threat period update

  1. Amy says:

    I love your site, but I have severe loss. Will you be posting your writings anymore or just doing YouTube – which I can’t hear.

  2. Clara rotti says:

    Dear Denise, I too have chiari 1. I have had premonitions and strange psychic dreams my entire life I am 57. I have tried a couple times to mention this to doctors but won’t listen or laugh at me. I would like to talk to you more . please email me at mountain kittens@gmail.com. I also get migraines with the aura of swirling flashing lights before the headache. I get strange premonitions about things, especially if someone I know and haven’t seen in years passes or has something happen to them. Before 9/11 and the Oklahoma city bombing I had strange dreams of explosions and of children being trapped. I can’t control any of it. It just happens.

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