Oregon spring 2018 prediction

I started thinking about all the possibility of earthquakes for California coming in the new year and realized that I should do the chart of Oregon and determine if something might happen there as well. What I found was startling. At the same time California is hit with a terrible Uranus aspect Oregon will be hit with a terrible Pluto aspect.

Image-1.png As you can see from this chart transiting Pluto will be conjunct natal Saturn in Oregon’s 12th house at the same exact time period I have isolated for the California Threat Period.  This means whatever happens in California will also effect Oregon and potentially this will likely be as bad for Oregon or worse. What exactly will happen during this period I’m not sure of, it could be the potential tactical strike I foresaw coming toward the West Coast of California, or it could be a very bad earthquake that stretches from California into Oregon. Right now I’m not exactly sure, but I will look into it further and see if I can get better clarification on the matter through more in depth meditation and study of the charts. But I felt that I should warn those in that area, as I neglected to do so until now.