Vision about North Korea

Monday, before I did a reading, I did my normal ritual of tuning in, and clearing the space for information to come in – I was hit with a vision which I did not report partially because I didn’t want to post it at the same time as the Oregon warning, and partially because I really wasn’t sure what it meant. But after today when the information came out about the North Korean soldier shot at, when he went across the demilitarized zone, I thought I should get this out there. So here goes. I will try to interpret it but my interpretation could be wrong so…

I was in a rural area of North Korea looking out over a city (I assume it was Pyongyang but?) I was one of a half dozen or so soldiers – I felt like 8, but I didn’t see that many, we were dressed in black uniforms. I felt like I was an American soldier there on a special mission, deployed for a purpose as we were approaching the city when a nuclear explosion went off over the city. It wasn’t that big. I didn’t feel the effects of it from where I was, so later when I thought about it – perhaps it was a tactical nuke?  I was dumbfounded, confused by the sight of this, as it wasn’t told to me or the other soldiers that this was going to happen. We were confused and I felt retreated. But the vision switched at that point to an youngish Asian woman holding a toddler boy in her arms. I felt like this woman and child survived to tell the story. I then saw missiles, several of them coming from North Korea toward the US. Most of them fell into the ocean on the way. One of them hit near Hawaii, but didn’t hit the actual land. One of them hit off the coast of California near the southern most part, I think the San Diego area, I wasn’t sure if it hit the land or exploded near the land and or beach. I then saw a line of cars stuck trying to get over the mountain range between California and the neighboring states. It was a dead stop – impossible to get our – a total impasse.

After this I thought about the issue of the black uniforms. What division of the military would wear a uniform like this. I did some internet research and found that in March of this year troupes fighting Isis have had a uniform change wearing all black. The uniforms in the photo looked similar to the one I saw in the vision. What that meant I wasn’t sure. The other part of the vision which came sort of on the heels of the main part of this piece was the impression that either as a result of the explosion or around the time of it the ring of fire was activated. Volcanic activity and earthquakes ensued.

When I thought about the part of the woman and child – which most confounded me, I thought the feeling was she lived to tell the story of the bombing. As if the bombing was secret and unknown to the world, and to the US citizens and citizens of the world. This made me feel as if our country had some sort of first strike scenario that was meant to get the North Koreans to act out, so that we could rally the world to our side as the North Koreans reacted to our advances, as if we were being attacked rather than reacted to. I felt the time frame was early next year between January and the time frame I have given in other posts and YouTube videos about the California Threat Period I have outlined.

I have no idea whether a tactical nuke like this would register in the same way as a bigger nuclear event or not, or if this would in itself set off alarm bells to other countries. I have to investigate this angle of my theory here about what the vision meant. My feeling from the vision was that there is something in the works along the lines of  how we have taken out previous dictators, deposed them, which is what the special forces military group I was a part of in the vision was there to do, or if this was some sort of start of a tactical ground troupe movement headed into the capital city. I think the main point of the vision was that the US was planning aggressive military action against the North Korean dictatorship and as a result they will launch the missiles they have against our country. In the vision it was clear that it would not be entirely successful on the North Koreans end, but would cause wide spread panic in the western part of the U.S.

All of this however could be mostly symbolic and I’m hoping that what I saw was the recent incident of the North Korean soldier trying to cross the boarder. It could be that this event is used to stir up support for a ground war in the peninsula. I hope not. Perhaps it was just a very exaggerated vision of what took place and the vision was just a warning to us not to allow this incident to be used to start a war that will end up setting off a chain of strikes.

I’ll leave all of you with this and let you try to decipher this. I will post more if it comes to me or I get anymore information.

Blessings to all and pray for peace!


Included below is a screen shot of the information I dug up about the change in uniform I referenced above.

Image-1 (1).png




4 thoughts on “Vision about North Korea

  1. Caroline says:

    Very vivid and believable.
    The black uniform is a Special Ops uniform, right?
    I am sure the strike is very American and “this is how we depose a dictator”.
    Someone obviously told Trump because he keeps hinting at a strike (like he cant keep a secret).
    I will pray for peace!!! Thank you for your vision Denise.

  2. Sylvia says:

    Dear Denise:

    Thank you so much for the insightful warnings. They not only give those of us who live in coastal areas a chance to take actions to prepare and protect ourselves, these prescient insights allow all of us to pray, meditate, and move our hands and feet to try to alter the predictions for a higher good outcomes. Yes Marie, politcally, we must work not only to stop Trump, but also to stymie the agenda of the Mercers, the Kochs, Ryan, McConnel, Bannon, the Altright, and the ultra right wing. Their policies will create an even greater economic gap among the upper 1% and others. If their policies are enacted, they will kill our democracy in every aspect, including freedom of speech. Allowing the policies of Trump et al to pass will result in a large permanent economic underclass, inequalities and racism will continue to increase without remedy, there will be greater numbers of sick people will die because they are not insured, our planet will suffer irreparable ecological damage, many wildlife species will become extinct, and we will probably end up in a war. I encourage everyone to take some type of action even if only a phone call or postcard to your Congress person. Also remember to pray for, and/or meditate on a peaceful, higher good. Thank you again Denise and light and love to everyone! 🙏

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