Washington State…

Since I decided to look into what was going to happen to Oregon during the California Threat Period and it looked like what was going to happen for California was also going to somehow impact Oregon, I decided to see how far up the west coast this period of chaos would impact Washington State.

Included below is the chart of Washington state overlaid with the CA threat period I have identified. What you can see very clearly is that Transiting Uranus is conjunct natal Saturn and Pluto right at the 4th house cusp or IC opposing the MC or Midheaven. When a similar aspect happened back in 1994 we had the big Southern CA earthquake, aka Northridge. In that chart which is also below. You can see that a stellium in Capricorn (a conjunction of several planets in the same sign and one out of sign planet in this case) hit the IC of the city of Los Angeles at the time of that earthquake. Neptune, Mars, Uranus, the Sun, Venus and Mercury were coming close to the IC with Venus and Mercury flanking the midpoint of that 3 degree Aquarius point. The moon in Aries making the sextile to that point and returning to its natal place in conjunction with the Sun, Venus and Mercury (all fast moving planets) very likely triggered the release of this explosive, violent energy. This Capricorn stellium was also making an exact inconjunction to natal Mercury in the 10th while Mars and Neptune sextiled Jupiter in the 1st, mollifying the aspect some. The earthquake, which was extremely violent and intense was said to be softened by it’s time of day. If it had happened during the day untold numbers of people could have died. Jupiter helped save the day here.

As I am digging into the patterns emerging for the spring of next year, I am increasingly beginning to think this is a giant quake that goes from California all the way up through Oregon and into Washington. The other possibility is the North Korean scenario which could cause wide spread panic and damage along the coast. While I can’t be sure what any of this will exactly entail I suggest to anyone living on the West Coast, BUY INSURANCE ASAP! Any and all kinds of insurance as whatever is coming, something is, and it’s best to be prepared. Get your earthquake kits together and come up with plans on how to survive. With it being in Aries there will likely be fire involved in this series of events, it does seem possible that either this will be an attack, which is the purview of Aries/Mars or fires also under the rulership of the aforementioned or possibly volcanic activity or some combination of all of this. Whatever is coming – preparation and support are key. Be safe and blessing to all. I will go over all the recent predictions in a YouTube video as soon as I have time to do so. Blessings to all – be safe and use your intuition!

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2 thoughts on “Washington State…

  1. Jeanette Kulick says:

    The US Geological Society has been warning about this for years. GPS monitors show that the ground has lifted up and pulled back from the coast exactly like the land affected by the great Japanese quake. USGS is expecting a great quake and probable tsunami along the Oregon and Washington coasts. You are right on. I hope that your warning will inspire more people to move away from these coasts. They can always move back but they need to get themselves and their children out of harm’s way because it is coming.

  2. Interestingly, as Saturn is about to move thru Capricorn, the following appear to be or are Capricorns –

    Mnuchen – Dec. 21 (Trump’s Head of Campaign Fundraising)

    Flynn (either finishing Saturn as a Sag or about to experience as a late December Cap)

    Sessions -Dec. 24

    Don Jr. – Dec. 31

    De Voss – Jan. 8 (The Alpha Bank server and the server in her husband’s business were the only two servers pinging Trump Co. server) ( Sister of Erik Prince)

    Kim Jung Un – Jan. 8

    Kushner – Jan. 10

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